Facebook Group Updates

Top 10 Facebook Groups of Pakistan 2018

Facebook Group Updates

Top 10 Facebook Groups

There are thousands of groups in Facebook, which have different goals. Today, we have made a list of top 10 groups by consulting some of the friends of the Facebook.
Join these groups and enjoy.

1 Devils شیطانیاں

As the name suggests, the devil is a group of fun and humor where only the comedy is allowed to post. This group has more than 210k members , if you are tired of political and religious debate in Facebook, then join this group because there is a ban on political and religious debate. Apart from this, there are different contests in devils that can win prizes by writing humorous articles.

2 World of Science

If you are interested in science, then join this groups. You can also ask questions related to science as well as reading various scientific information in this group.
The best group of your own is where you can read the articles in Urdu.

3 Urdu Literature اوج ادب

Literature, as it is known by name, is a literary group in which big names related to literature are included. This group can only get admission in the literature that specializes in any field. The group’s annual fee is 20$ , and there are various different competitions. If you are a good writer or poet then you can become a part of this group, so you must provide proof of your skills in any of the literature fields.

4 Pakistan SEO and Bloggers

If you are a blogger or do any work related to the Internet, then join this group. This can provide you with information about blogging, web designing, search engine optimization and AdSense etc.

5 Humours مزاحیات

Humours is a Group for fun and humor. It is a comedy group like its name.

6 Business Forum

This group has a great deal of advice on business. In this you can get feedback from people to start and improve a business.

7 Urdu Translation of International Literature

This group contains Urdu translation of the famous literature of global literature. Urdu translations of various articles from famous internationally popular books and many world languages ​​are translated.

8 Junior Comedy جوکیلے

This group is also a comedy group. This will often allow you to read copyright-free comic texts and posts.

9 Urdu Humor اردو طنز و مزاح

It is also a group of Urdu comedy. you can read comedy posts and funny Videos.

10 Mobile photography

This is an international mobile photography group that will allow you to see only beautiful photos taken from the mobile.

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