Top ten apps 2018
Top ten apps 2018

Best Android Applications to install

Top Ten applications for Android phones

Top 10 Android apps

The most popular platform for the time is there. There are plenty of applications available for Android, but today it has become difficult to recognize standard and useful software because there are hundreds of apps in one name.

So we have prepared a list of ten car applications for Android phones so that more and more people can get them.

 1 WiFi Map

 If you want to search for a WiFi around you and use it. So this application not only displays WiFi’s name and distance, but also shows passwords. So you can use the nearby WiFi network without any hack.

2 Clipper

Usually, if you copy a text and then copy another text, the first copyed text is erased, but this application saves all of your copied text.
That means the text you copy every day will be saved. And you’ll be able to copy them again after they are added. In addition, you can save and modify your posts offline and that you can also see the number of words in your text.

3 Iqbal demystified

All the books in Urdu and Persian poetry of the poet Allama Iqbal-Rah are present in this offline application. You can also read English translations of almost all clues in this application. In addition to this, online audio of all clues is also available. There is also a search option to find out the statistics. Interestingly, this application is only four MB.

4 Greenify

Sometimes even though your mobile screen is locked, some applications are running back in the background, due to which mobile battery costs more. After downloading this application, screen application will not be opened to open any application. And your battery will last longer.

5 Du Recorder

This is a screen recorder that can make your mobile screen video by recording its mobile screen with this application.

6 Droidcam

If you do not have a camera in your computer, you can use this on your mobile camera computer with this application. This should also be installed in the computer for the application.

7 Spreaker Studio

Well, this is a radio program application, but if you want to record your voice with Background music, you must download this application. With this application, you can record your voice by doing less or less, and music can be reduced automatically in your way – when you speak something, the music will automatically decrease and keep silent on your real wall. I will come.

8 Camera 360

With this application, you can customize the background of photos from your mobile camera. That means i can shoot any picnic on the back. This is a complete beauty camera with different features.

9 Inpage Urdu Keyboard

So many Urdu keyboard are available, but all are found to be some of the errors. Someone else has a fonts problem with someone in question mark. This is the best way to write the keyboard. It does not contain English keyboard but English writing can be selected from a click to English.
This keyboard is of an MB and has to be enabled in the language setting after installing.

10 Zero VPN

Usually VPN does ten times slow the Internet speed, but this VPN does not affect the internet speed. Through all VPN proxy, your location, IP etc., which you can use to block blocked websites, but this website makes it possible without proxy, so it does not affect the speed.
PTCL Eve Wingle can also be used for free from this app, as described in the previous article.
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