Switch Network Mode LTE Only

Set Network Mode Only LTE with Only 4g Switcher

Switch Network Mode LTE Only

Only 4G Network Mode

Nowadays, all the mobile phones can be set on network mode only to 2g or 3g , but there is no option in a mobile that you can run the Internet only 4g mode.
Sometimes, if you make live Video , the network automatically switch to 3g and 4g that affects the program.
Today I’m going to tell you about an application that lets you set up your network mode only 4g.
This application is an apk file , you will not get it on the Play Store.

I use this on my Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 mobile phone, I’m running perfectly, but not working on some friends mobile phones, try it if it is working on your mobile phone. If you do not work, then let us know so that we can search any other solution.
It works on Android nought 7.0 and above versions.

Download 4G Switcher

Download the download from the link and install it in your mobile phone. Then open this app. And set the network mode to LTE only in application.


The error of this software is that the internet works on Only LTE mode but phone calls and SMS do not work. Therefore, when you do not use the Internet, then set the network mode again to the default default mode.

If you didn’t understand watch the Video on our YouTube channel and Subscribe the Channel.

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