Google will now prefer to rank the fastest mobile sites

Google is going change the quality of ranking for websites exclusively for mobile speed and Amp websites. From July 2018, all web site rankings will be increased which quickly open on mobile.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

As the number of mobile phone users is increasing, all websites should be mobile friendly. Website loading speeds on mobile phones are given special priority by Google. In this context, Facebook has introduced Instant Articles, Apple Company, Apple News and Google’s facility called Google Accelerated Mobile Pages.
Due to these facilities the speed of these websites on mobile phones increased ten times, which had adopted their website to the same system.
From the Facebook Instant Articles , articles of any web site can be read inside Facebook and quickly. Apple News also opens quickly on mobile. AMP is also a link to this regard.

The Google Amp is a Mobile ranking factor

Google ranked up some websites keeping the mobile speed and preferred to amp users. At the time, 70% Amp websites are being added to Google News.
Google recently indexed the fastest websites on mobile with Mobil first system . This time Google has ranked all the quality of the web rankings for mobile phones and has been exclusive for amp websites. From July 2018, all website rankings will be increased which quickly open on mobile. If a slow website has standard and unique content, Google will retain its rankings.
What is Google Amp and how it works ?
Amp stands for ” accelerated Mobile Pages “Usually any website opens on mobile, the website content , pictures , widgets , scripts make it very slow. But after installing Amp only the cache version article will be loaded to google’s servers, so it loads quickly.
Google AMP recognizes that the article opens with a mobile phone when Bolt’s sign appears openly. See the picture for example.
Google Amp Example

How to use Google Amp ?

There is a Google Amp WordPress plugin that can easily be set up on WordPress while other articles can be converted into an Amp via few coding on other websites.
The Amp themes can also be used on the Blogger after a few changes.

Setup Google Amp WordPress plugin

Install Amp plugin it will Automatically convert your articles to Amp version.
Afterwards you can customize your Amp design and theme. You have to put your ads in your Amp version site.
Visit Amp version and check everything is fine then Submit your Amp site to Google.

Validate Amp and Submit To Google Search

First of all go to Amp Validator and your Amp site which should be like this
It will check errors and tell you that you have a Valid Amp version. If it is Valid you can see an option ” Submit to Google ” Click on it. After Some hours Google may index your Amp site. Now you can search your site on Google and See Amp sign in Your articles.


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