Protect Wifi

Protect Your WiFi from Neighbours and Thieves 

Protect Wifi


WiFi safety is important 

You have set a WiFi in your home but how will you know that the WiFi provider did not give your password to anyone else ?
How do you know that WiFi is using by someone else ?
How do you know who is in your home using your WiFi without your permission ?
There are many questions that do not respond to everyone. So today we will tell you about a few tools through which you can save your Wi-Fi thieves.

First of all, if you are using the mobile , download the application called Fing , which will let you know which your WiFi is using.

Download Fing App from playstore

And if you are using a computer, you can download the Angry ip Scanner
program on your computer and find out who is using your WiFi.

Download Angry IP Scanner

Is it fine that someone else using your home WiFi and you do not know the address?

It is fact that someone who using Wi-Fi from your home they can see everything in your family’s mobile that they are using in mobile because if you give a WiFi password to anyone It means you are sharing your all personal and secret informations.

So first, find out who is using your WiFi after that, if you find an unknown device that is using your WiFi, quickly change your WiFi password.

You can also cut WiFi from Net Cut ‘s application, but the easiest and good way is to change your WiFi password.
You can take advantage of an application called Net Cut that if your family member is also using WiFi you can cut off their Wifi and use faster.

Net Cut blocks data transfer to other devices when you block the IP address of that Device and Device owner can’t find why its data is not working.

Also you can slow down other device WiFi speed instead of blocking IP address.

Download Net Cut Android app from playstore

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