Fix Samsung Screen Auto Rotating Errors

Fix Samsung Screen Auto Rotating Errors

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Auto Rotate Turned Off still Rotating

Fix Samsung Screen Auto Rotating Errors

Samsung Auto Rotate Screen Not working Here is the Solution

Auto Rotate Turned Off still Rotating

Samsung Auto Rotation Problem

Some of Samsung Mobile phones ( J series ) having sensor problems causing issues for rotate screen.
If you turn off the Auto rotate but still screen will be rotating both sides left and right. This problem is very irritating and most of the people sell their Mobile phone because of the problem. We have discovered a very easy solution for this problem.

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How To Fix Auto rotate Problem

To fix the screen rotation problem , You need to download an application from Play store named ” Quick Tune Up Phone Calibration ”

Click here to Install Quick Tune Up Phone Calibration

After installation , open Quick Tune Up application and click on ” Sensor Calibration ” when you click on it. Your mobile phone will ask to reboot.

Reboot the phone and You have done.
Now your problem will be fixed and you no longer get Auto Rotate error.

It worked for me , so I am sharing with you please comment and let me know if it is worked or didn’t worked for you.


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Note : I have checked with Samsung J7 , I hope it will be working with other models of Samsung and other Android Mobile phones as well.
Kindly must share your reviews about the application and if you have any other solution for sensor problems and Auto Rotate errors.

Thank You

4 ways to connect mobile internet with Computer and Laptop

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Android Mobile Internet With Laptop

4 ways to Share Mobile Internet with Computer

Almost every person knows that how to share Mobile Internet with computer but some people still don’t know.
So we decided to share 4 working methods to share Android Mobile Internet 3g 4g with PC or Laptop.

Method #1 WiFi Tethering

You can turn your mobile into a WiFi hotspot and connect your computer to the WiFi network.
To switch on WiFi tethering , Go to Settings , More Settings (Some phones may show Connection Settings ) , Click on ” Tethering and portable hotspot ” Then turn on WiFi Hotspot. After that you can set up your WiFi Hotspot to change WiFi network name and password or make it an open WiFi network. Make sure that your mobile data connection is turned on. Now Search WiFi networks on your PC , You will see the WiFi network with your Mobile phone’s Name. Connect and enjoy Mobile internet on Computer.

Method #2 USB Tethering

To share Mobile Internet on computer with USB data cable . Connect your mobile with PC via data cable. Go to Mobile Settings then Tethering and portable hotspot and turn on USB Tethering. For USB Tethering you have to enable USB dubbing in your Android mobile’s Developers option.

Method #3 Bluetooth Tethering

The Method is same as mentioned above like WiFi And USB Tethering. Just turn On Bluetooth Tethering and search for Bluetooth Networks in Your PC or Laptop. ( Your PC must support Bluetooth Networks Connectivity ) Connect and Use Mobile Internet On Computer.

Method #4 PDA.Net

Sometimes you may unable to use the above mentioned methods. You can use Software.

Download PDA.Net+ in your Computer

While installing , connect your Mobile with PC via Data cable . Enable USB Dubbing in Mobile. It will automatically install required drivers in PC and Automatically install Android app to your phone.
Now Click on icon in Pc, click on connect now. Click on Allow In your Mobile And Enjoy.

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Best way to Share Android Mobile Screen on the Computer

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Control Android Mobile On Laptop

Best way to Share Android Mobile Screen on the Computer.

You must have a Chrome browser to share your Android mobile screen on your Pc or laptop.

Control Android Mobile On Laptop

Cast Android Screen On Pc

The mobile phone screen is usually required to root a mobile phone to share on computer or laptop. A few mobile phones come with a specific cable, which screen can be seen on the computer.
But today’s article, we will tell you how to share your Android mobile phone screen, but also to control your mobile on a computer without any device or specific cable.

How To Share Mobile Screen On PC

You must have a Chrome browser to share your Android mobile screen on your computer or laptop.
Open Google Chrome browser and search in Google ” Vysor ” and install it on your browser. Or

Click here to Install Vysor

Actually Vysor is an extension of the Chrome browser and it only installs in Chrome. When you search, the Chrome Web Store will appear at the top, click on the Wizard Extensions page, which will contain details, click on the Add to Chrome on the top right by downloading it. After downloading it will be installed in the Chrome browser.

Now turn off the browser once . In the top left corner of the Chrome browser, a few color points appear in Chrome, which appear to have Chrome-related applications.

Now open Vysor and connect your mobile phone to the computer via a data cable. Remember the option of USB debugging on mobile phone developer settings should be turned on. If you do not have Developers option in your mobile phone, go to Mobile Phone’s About settings And click the at Build Number five times, then the developer option will appear on your mobile.

After switching USB debugging in the developer option by connecting the mobile phone to a computer. Now go to Vysor and click Find a Device. Your mobile phone’s name will be visible by clicking on it.

After that, an option will come to your mobile phone, that will ask you to allow this application. If you do OK, the Wizard App will automatically install in your mobile phone, as well as the mobile screen will appear on the computer.

Now you can control your mobile computer, i.e. if you click the mobile screen on the computer, then it will be click on the mobile phone.


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Capitalize the first letter of Your posts in WordPress

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How to add a dro cap to my posts

Capitalize the first letter of Your posts in WordPress

MakenCapital starting Word In WordPress posts Drop cap

How to add a dro cap to my posts

Big first letter of posts

Surely You have seen many posts on that’s first letter was very tall and capital.This Capitalization is called Drop Cap.
Drop Cap makes the articles attractive and impressive. It is a css style and can be used in any website or blog.

If you are looking to Capitalize first words of your posts and articles then you are here in the right place.
It is not a magic and hard job , It is very easy just like to eat a sweet cake.

If you are using WordPress , just you need to Install a plugin and you have done.

Yes there is a free plugin for WordPress called ” Sample Drop Cap

Install Sample Drop Cap

How to use sample Drop Cap

Install and Activate Sample Drop Cap then go to your WordPress settings and Click Sample Drop Cap.
Now you can choose your desired style for your posts. The first option is Normal mode that means the first letter will be Capital then other text and the first capital letter look above the line.
Secondary option is float mode that means the first letter will be capital and will surround three lines below.
Then there is an option for custom mode that you can add your custom style for drop cap.Then You can choose your desired color for your first letter ( Drop Cap )At the last you can tick an option to apply drop cap to every post and page with one click.

Save the changes, check your blog and enjoy.

Happy Blogging

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Free Download Urdu Paper Theme For WordPress

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Free version Urdupaper premium theme

Free Download UrduPaper Theme For WordPress

Download UrduPaper Premium Theme For WordPress free version

Free version Urdupaper premium theme

Urdupaper theme free download

The UrduPaper Theme is very popular theme for Urdu Blogs specially News Sites. This is a responsive Theme with Nastaleeq Font. It has very fast loading speed and very clean User interface.

You can choose your desired color for Homepage , widgets , posts and categories. A breaking news ticker and beautiful slider makes it very nice theme.It comes with Post Views Counter with very beautiful Social Sharing buttons with Font ZoomIn/ZoomOut.  You can add posts rating for your articles.
Here you can Download it absolutely free.

Download Urdupaper Theme For Free

If you can’t download it from here write down your email address in comments , we will send it to you for free.

Urdu Paper Theme Features

  • 16 Different Urdu Fonts With Nastaleeq
  • Custom menu icons
  • Urdu Keyboard
  • Urdu Editor
  • Very easy customizer
  • Seo Friendly
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • User Friendly
  • Demo importer
  • Custom colours
  • Custom HomePage design
  • Beautiful slider
  • Breaking news ticker
  • Custom Post Rating
  • Unlimited Color Schemes
  • Post Views Counter
  • Social Sharing
  • Font ZoomIn/ZoomOut
  • English Font Support

Install UrduPaper Theme

Installing Urdu Paper Theme is very easy , Login to WordPress Go to appearance > themes > Add new Upload Theme and Activate.

Urdu Paper Theme Customization

After installation Go to Appearance > theme settings in UrduPaper Xpanel.

IGo To General Settings add a logo and fevicon , edit layout settings , choose body background And Footer settings.

You can customize Navigation settings there.
Enable or disable News Ticker and choose your desired color for ticker.

Set up Homepage settings
, Post Settings , Typography ,Social Media , Demo Importer etc. You can add or remove widgets in UrduPaper Theme.

Import and Export theme settings for your other blogs

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Urdu Theme For Blogger With Nastaleeq Font

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Blogger Urdu Template

Urdu Theme For Blogger

Free Download Urdu Theme For Blogspot with Nastaleeq Font

Blogger Urdu Template

Free Urdu Font Theme For Blogspot

Blogger is not a good choice for Blogging but still some people who can’t afford WordPress Or Premium blogs , using blogger and publishing stuff , expressing their thoughts because it is totally free.

With blogger you can get AdSense Account to earn money and other free blogs don’t support AdSense. That’s why many people still using blogger.

Today we are talking about Urdu Blogging. There are many Urdu Themes Available For WordPress but There is lack Of Urdu Themes for Blogspot ( Blogger ).

There are many bloggers who write articles for educational purpose not for earning money.
Approximately Urdu Bloggers writing only to aware people about every field of life.Blogger is not beneficial for earning money so Use it only for Educational purpose. If you are looking for earning money , we suggest you to create a WordPress Hosted Blog.

If You are looking for an Urdu Theme ( Template ) for blogspot , We have a very unique theme for you and it is absolutely Free.

This Urdu Theme has Nastaleeq Font but it my not show Nastaleeq in all devices because blogspot is very limited. In order to show Nastaleeq Font in blogger , The user should install ” Pak Urdu Installer ” To their PC Or Laptop.
It has a sidebar , very clean User interface and fast loading speed.

Download Urdu theme For Blogger

How To Install Theme In Blogspot

Log in to blogger , Go to Theme Settings and click on the Backup and restore theme at the top right side.
Backup your existing theme then xtract the Zip file upload the xtracted theme ( XML file ) .

Theme Settings

To replace existing menu go to Edit theme’s option and search the menu items by clicking control + F and replace with your desired menu and links.
You can add or remove gadgets by clicking on layout option in your blogger account.


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Free Download Urdu Theme For WordPress

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Wordpress urdu font theme

Free Download Urdu Theme For WordPress

Free Download Urdu Theme for WordPress with Nastaleeq Font

Wordpress urdu font theme

Download WordPress Urdu template

WordPress is the best choice for blogging and news sites at this time. And many new blogs and websites are coming into existence in Urdu. If you are thinking of making Urdu blog or website and you need Urdu theme, then today we will give you the link to the Hueman Urdu Theme.
Hueman is a free popular theme for WordPress and We have customized Hueman theme for Urdu Blogs.

Hueman Urdu Theme Features

This theme has two side bars and is also a responsive theme. Most importantly it will automatically convert your Urdu articles into a nastaleeq font , Whether on a desktop or mobile phone.

Download Urdu Theme for WordPress

If you are having difficulty downloading, write down your email address at the bottom below, we will send you an email by sending you.
Or contact this email

How to install Hueman Urdu theme

The Hueman WordPress theme is free. Installing it very easy and takes only a few clicks

Login to your WordPress Dashboard Go to Appearance > Themes and click on the “Add New” Upload the Zip file you downloaded and activate it.

Hueman Urdu Theme Settings.

Hueman has specific feature allow you to create any custom design in any pages including colours, font, layout, content And Other Features.

For the theme setting and customization Go to Your WordPress dashboard , Click appearance ,then themes , Customize And use live customizer.

Create a menu , Add widgets and pages on Homepage.
You can create a small menu at top of header too. To change colours , use additional css or add color code to your desired widgets.

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Thank You

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How to get Facebook Boost Coupan For Free Advertisement

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Facebook Boosting Free

Boost Facebook page For Free

Facebook offers 30$ for each page

Facebook Boosting Free

Get Facebook Boost Coupan

What is Facebook Boost?

On Facebook you have noticed that the boost page is written in front of every post in your page, actually by boosting facebook spreads your post or page. You must have a credit card or PayPal account to boost.

You can choose your desired location and budget, which means that you want to spread your post to the country or city, namely, and the amount you spend. So many people will see your post. Those people who do not even know your page will also see it and are written sponsored before the boosted post.
Remember, Facebook does not guarantee how much your post get likes , comments or shares, Facebook only count reaches. For example, your post will show up to 75000 in 30$, now how many people from these 75000 will like , comment or share your post , It depend on your post.

How to Get Free Boost Coupon

To get free boost coupons on Facebook, go to Boost post’s option of a post. If You are boosting first time, you will be able to see that Facebook gives you a free credit of $30. If you do not see the option of $30 coupan , then cancel the Boost. In a few hours Facebook will give you notification that you will get 30$ completing your boost , now you have a choice of $30 free Coupan.If you do not receive $30, then set your currency on the US dollar and try it. If still in vain ? Try again and again with your PC or laptop until you get the coupan.

How To Redeem Boost Coupan

Once you got a Coupon , You have to add your Credit Card to Redeem the Coupan.

To add your Credit Card go to boost page and select your desired settings location, budget to boost your page. ( Do not choose a budget of more than 30$ or otherwise you can cut money from your credit card ) After that, Add a Payment method credit card and PayPal. PayPal account does not exist in Pakistan so you can use a credit card option that you can get from any bank in Pakistan. Remember, there is a difference between ATM card Visa debit card and MasterCard, so confirm while taking card if your card is acceptable for online payments. The Master Card , Visa Card can use both on Facebook. If you can not create a bank account , Use Mcb Lite Card Or Payoneer MasterCard.


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After applying a Visa card number and PIN code etc. Facebook will ask you how much money you add from your card for boosting .If you do not want to be dedicated from Card, write a zero or leave it blank and click Finish Boost. Your credit card will no longer be deducted and you will boost your page for free from the 30$ provided by Facebook. The $30 Coupan is just for Facebook Boost.


This free coupon offer is valid for 30 days only, if you do not use this thirty dollars within thirty days, it will be canceled.
If you do not understand this, Watch the video on our YouTube channel.




Facebook Video Monetization ! make money with Facebook for creators

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Facebook Ad Breaks

Facebook Video Monetization ! make money with Facebook

Facebook has recently announced to launch a new service, which is named Facebook for Creators

Facebook Ad Breaks

Facebook For Creators

What Is Facebook For Creators ?

There are several ways to make money on Facebook already like earning money by showing advertisements on the Android or iPhone applications with Facebook Audience Network or by using Facebook Instant Articles to show advertisements in the articles of your website but Facebook has recently announced a new service called Facebook for Creators.

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Facebook for creators will work like YouTube’s Creator Studio in which users will be able to edit their videos. It includes live video Tools for Video Creators. Video creators will show ads on their Videos to earn money.
Advertisements will be run on uploading videos or broadcasting live videos in this new service of Facebook, which will give up to 50% of the revenue generated by the video maker.

Eligibility Criteria

Facebook for the creators is currently under Beta resting , so there is no final qualification criteria. The qualification criteria for people who have been invited to test this service in western countries are at least 2000 followers on their profile or page and 300 viewers at the time of their live. If at least 300 people will see live at once ,It is considered eligible. There is currently no notification regarding the qualification that will be the same quality or other when the service starts completely.

How to join Facebook for creators

Join this link to join Facebook for Creator

Join this service by logging in with your Facebook Profile and Provide Your Facebook Page’s Link ,YouTube channel, InstaGram or Twitter ID.

As you know Facebook has started testing this service, people from a few countries are being included. Perhaps Facebook has started partially so that people can increase their followers and make videos and live their minds mentally after joining. As soon as this service starts regularly, it will be available for every particular and general.

How to take ad breaks on Facebook Live videos

Ad breaks can be taken every five minutes, After Five minutes creators will take an ad break that will be fifteen seconds And the video watcher will not be able to skip it.

Facebook Live Video Monetization in Pakistan

Now Facebook is rolling out the service to more countries and inviting creators from different countries.
In Pakistan there is only one person who were invited to test live video Monetization.
Yes Waqar Zaka is the first Pakistani who were invited by Facebook to join live video Monetization.

Video Creators Theme

In addition, users can also set up the Video Creator theme on their Facebook page that is designed for video creators. To set the video creators on your page theme settings, go to the page settings and Set the Video Creator Theme for Your Page

Video Editing Tools

You can edit your videos in the Page Publishing Tools, add title, description,tags and thumbnail to Your Videos.
Not only this, free music for creators is being paid by Facebook, which allows Creators to download music for thier videos from free music library.
This music library is also available in Facebook page publishing tools. Remember that this music can be used only on Facebook, sharing on other websites will come into the copyrights category.


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How to make Payoneer account without bank account

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Payoneer Account

How to make Payoneer account without bank account

Now get free American bank account and MasterCard for free

Payoneer Account

Get Payoneer Account Without Bank Account

As you know, PayPal account can not be made in our country and other online payment services like Payza Skrill etc. are difficult and expensive.
But today we will tell you about a Global Payment Service that is alternative to PayPal and Payza , Skrill etc. It provides Free Virtual bank account and free Debit card. Payoneer is very Popular and useful in freelancing. Mostly Freelancers use Payoneer to Send and receive payments from all over the World.

Introduction Of Payoneer

Payoneer is an American Banking Service, through which you can send and receive money worldwide.
These accounts can be controlled by your mobile or computer sitting at home.

Payoneer account benefits

  • The Payoneer credit card can be obtained at home for free, there are no delivery charges.
  • If you open an account, you can also get $ 25, which can be used once and once your account’s account reaches $ 100.
  • Payoneer Master Card can be used on every website or ATM, where MasterCard is accepted.
  • Different advertising websites accept Payoneer.
  • Major Freelance sites using Payoneer as a Payment Method
  • In addition to this, You can use Payoneer for Facebook Page Boosting, Purchase of Applications from Play Store, Domain and Hosting
    Purchase, every type of online shopping and money from various companies can be sent and received.

How To get a Payoneer account

You must have your ID card to create an account.
First of all go to this link

Sign Up for Payoneer Account

Enter your name email address password and date of birth.
Enter your full address e.g city, province and postal zip code on the next page.
( Remember Write Your name, birth date and the address as per identification card.)
Then enter your password and account user name. Then enter your bank account details and finally upload the image of your ID card then submit your application.

If you do not have your bank account then there is no need to worry.
Because in a specific way you can create a Payoneer account without a bank account.
For this you have to make an account on Dailymotion or Fivver.
First of all create a DailyMotion account, go to the setting of the DailyMotion and turn on the Monetization.DailyMotion gives you money on uploading videos that are called monetization.
After turning on the monetization, click on the Payment Methods or Bank account.There are many payment options. Click on your debit card.And then click the Payoneer Debit Card.
From there, the Open Signup page will open.In which you will write the name address in the above manner.All the other ways will be the same, just here you will not be asked for a bank account number.

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Within approximately two days you will receive an email in which you will need to send pictures of your I’d Card , driving license or bills to Payoneer.

After submitting documents, your account will be activated in one or two days and will also receive confirmation email.
Once Your account activited you can send and receive payments in your Payoneer Account

Within a month your credit card will arrive via the post on your given mailing address.

To activate your card, login to your Payoneer account and click on the Activate Card and after entering your card number and your secret PIN code, your card will be activated and will receive confirmation email.

Now you can use your card in any ATM or website.

Payoneer Fees Chart

For Payoneer Fees And Charges Visit Payoneer’s Official Website


You can also use Payoneer MasterCard To verify or get a PayPal account In Pakistan. ( this is illegal )
Card period is three years after three years you can get a new card.
You can also control your Payoneer account through the Payoneer Mobile application.
You can get up to $25 by reffering a friend to open a Payoneer account, but the condition is that the friends account balance will reach 100$ once.

Important instructions

Do not share your card number and pin code with anyone.
You can see more details and charges on the Payoneer’s official Website.


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