3 Tips to get Google AdSense account approved quickly in 2018

3 Tips to get Google AdSense account approved quickly in 2018

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How To get Approved AdSense Account 2018

3 Tips to get Google AdSense account approved quickly in 2018

How To get Approved AdSense Account 2018

3 Tips to get Google AdSense

Getting an AdSense account is very easy just like Drinking a glass of water.
You must have some quality articles that must provide a value to users and your site interface should be user friendly.
Must have a Privacy policy and Contact page.
Here are the 3 Tips to get Google AdSense account approved quickly.

AdSense Tip#1

Don’t be eager to get your account approved until you start getting minimum 150 to 200 page views a day. If somehow you got approved and put the ads with low page views You will get the lowest RPM and CPC rate. Later, You will start reading on Google why I am getting a low rate. So, Focus only on your blog and add many contents you can, Wait for the right time.
Just like the summer, don’t drink the water, until it is cold enough for your thrust,(Refrigerator)

AdSense Tip#2

While applying for AdSense, Make sure you don’t have any empty page, Categories or posts. If you have fewer posts, Use big featured images on your homepage. Do something so your site doesn’t look empty. That’s how I got approved more than 13 times with fewer posts.
What do you mean by empty Pages, Categories or posts?
Don’t put those categories in any menu if they don’t have any posts.
Most important, Don’t copy paste featured images. If you create them manually, AdSense will easily approve your request.

AdSense Tip#3

Never open Your website In the Same browser in which you have logged in with the same Google Account. If you want to do so, Must use an Adblocker. It will help to keep your account active. The RPM will be low if there is no conversion.
AdSense doesn’t provide layer ads so it is also very strict for Invalid clicks. So if you want to check ads on your site, Simply Download Opera browser, Open Incognito mode and turn On VPN. It is the best way to review your site.

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How to Mirror Laptop Or PC Screen on Android Phones

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Bhabi ko Choda

How to Mirror Laptop or PC Screen on Android Phones

Bhabi ko Choda

Mirror laptop or PC Screen On Android Mobile Phone

The mobile screen sharing on laptop or PC is too easy, has already been described in this article .
Today I am gonna tell you how to mirror computer or laptop screen on your Android mobile device.

Sometimes you need to see your computer screen mobile if the laptop screen is broken and you have to do any necessary work or the LCD monitor not working properly or you want to have a computer screen on your mobile phone. If you want to see, this work is very easy.

There is no need for any specific device, just your mobile and computer should be connected to the same WiFi router.

The procedure is ; you will need to install an application in your mobile phone and install same application in your computer.
This app name is SpaceDisk

First click the link below to install the SpaceDisk app from the Play Store on your Android Mobile Phone.

Install Space Disk on Android

Then download your desired Windows driver for spacedisk from the link below.


How To Use

After installing the mobile phone app and the driver in the computer, connect the mobile and the computer to the same WiFi router. Have a WiFi package or not, No matters , just connect with a Wifi device or a dongle or a router.

If your laptop’s screen is broken, temporarily connect it to a monitor and install this driver and drag the WiFi into a automated connection so that the broken screen will cause you frequent WiFi connectivity. Do not have trouble.

When both of them connect to the WiFi, open your SpaceDisk application in your mobile phone, your computer name will appear there. If you click on this, then your computer screen will appear in mobile in a few seconds.

If the screen is displayed but mouse pointer is not moving on mobile , then select “duplicate resolution” in computer resolution settings.

Then your computer’s screen will look on mobile and you can use your computer by touching on your mobile screen.

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Make Money From Sponsorships With Facebook and YouTube

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Make Money From Sponsorships With Facebook and YouTube

YouTube Sponsorship With Famebit

Facebook Brands Collabs Manager

What is Sponsored content ?

Companies adopt different ways to promote their products. Someone advertises advertisements on TV channels, radio and newspapers, and someone promotes advertisements from Google, YouTube, or by Facebook Boost.

But one of the advertising methods is becoming very popular now that is sponsorship. Yes, large companies now contacting the big pages of Facebook for the advice of their products, or making videos by paying money to YouTube’s major channels.

If you too own a large YouTube channel or Facebook page, you can also earn money.
There is more money in the sponsorship than the YouTube channel monetization if you have a large number of subscribers, you can earn a video from $100 to $

The question is how to get a sponsorship ?

Well, companies connect themselves to large channels or pages, but as they say, thirsty has to go to the well, so you have to contact companies yourselves.
For this, both YouTube and Facebook have introduced the facility to combine brands and creators.

YouTube Sponsorship

If you want to get a sponsorship for the YouTube channel, YouTube has introduced the service named Famebit to connect influencers and brands. You can log in to the famebit and read the offers offered by companies by visiting them. Famebit is not only for the YouTube channels, you can get sponsorships for your Facebook , Instagram and Twitter accounts if you have a huge amount of followers.

You can login with your Facebook ID or Gmail ID in the Famebit . But the condition is that your YouTube channel must have five thousand (5000) subscribers. And if you are logged in with Facebook, You can connect your other social accounts too.
Even better if you connect your all accounts.

After being logged in, you will find different companies’ accommodation. You can read these offers and send your proposals . Send a complete description of your page or channel when sending a proposal. Most of brands looking sponsors in USA , UK and Canada . The big channels and pages of Pakistan and India can match, but small page or channel application is not accepted. Try your luck.

Facebook sponsorship

After YouTube’s Famebit, Facebook introduced this feature, which is named Brand Collabs Manager .
Facebook brand Collabs Manager is currently not available for everyone, but if you own a large page you can send your application.
To send an application Go to Facebook Brand Collabs Manager and and sign up You should be logged in to the Facebook account, open the link from the PC or laptop instead of the mobile. Then select your desired page that has more likes and followers . After you set the page, type your email address and submit your request.

If the application is accepted, you can earn money by promoting various products on your page.

Find your desired job with Facebook’s Mentorship Feature

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Facebook group Latest Updates

Find your desired job with Facebook’s Mentorship Feature

Facebook job search

Facebook group Latest Updates

Facebook Mentorship

Now Clients and Job Finders can find each other easily from Facebook Mentorships Feature. It is useful for those groups where people come to search for a job. Through this feature, if a user searches for a job , and someone offering same job Facebook will connect them each other. Facebook Mentorship pairs both the clients and job seekers.

Facebook Mentorship is not just for job, but many people make it easy to find the desired people . For example, if a person arrives in a group looking for a web designer , the person who proposes a qualified web designer as written on his profile, Facebook recommends the desired man. In this way, both of them can talk about each other by private chat and decide their matters. This service is free.

This service is also in beta testing now, Available in some groups in United States. As soon as possible, This feature will be available for all groups very soon.

How will this service work, how much people will benefit from it , will be seen later. I think people in Pakistan and India will not use this service more. This feature can be used in western countries more.

Many of Facebook’s features are currently in testing, such as Facebook video monetization that will run ads on videos and make video-making money. In addition to this, Facebook has tried to match brands and publishers through brand manager, through which you can earn money by sponsoring a brand on your page.

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Facebook Group Subscriptions ! Earn Money from Facebook group

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Facebook monetization

Make Money From Facebook Groups

Facebook Group Subscriptions

Facebook monetization

Facebook group subscriptions

From the Facebook Group Subscription Feature group Admins can receive a monthly fee from Group members. This service will be available for those groups whose members are in millions and a sub group will be made for the fee-making members, where they will be able to see the Important posts while the free member will not be able to see that posts. Admins can apply monthly fees from 5$ to 30$ dollars. Current and new members of the group can pay fees, however, Admin can also hold an option to enter member withiut paying any fee. This service is currently available in some of the major groups of the US. Soon will be available for all users.

This Idea Facebook was given by the Group Admins and Facebook says group administrators work hard, this service can make more active the groups.
The way to make a fee is that the user must be added in the free group. If wants to be a premium member , will be included in a sub-group where free members do not have access.

Currently, Facebook do not cut any commission, can take 15% commission when the service is started regularly.
PayPal account is required for both the fees and the recipients, but PayPal service is not available in Pakistan, so it is being hoped to pay a fee in the credit card in Pakistan and the Admins through the bank account can be able to receive payments.

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Set Network Mode Only LTE with Only 4g Switcher

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Switch Network Mode LTE Only

Set Network Mode Only LTE with Only 4g Switcher

Switch Network Mode LTE Only

Only 4G Network Mode

Nowadays, all the mobile phones can be set on network mode only to 2g or 3g , but there is no option in a mobile that you can run the Internet only 4g mode.
Sometimes, if you make live Video , the network automatically switch to 3g and 4g that affects the program.
Today I’m going to tell you about an application that lets you set up your network mode only 4g.
This application is an apk file , you will not get it on the Play Store.

I use this on my Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 mobile phone, I’m running perfectly, but not working on some friends mobile phones, try it if it is working on your mobile phone. If you do not work, then let us know so that we can search any other solution.
It works on Android nought 7.0 and above versions.

Download 4G Switcher

Download the download from the link and install it in your mobile phone. Then open this app. And set the network mode to LTE only in application.


The error of this software is that the internet works on Only LTE mode but phone calls and SMS do not work. Therefore, when you do not use the Internet, then set the network mode again to the default default mode.

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Protect Your WiFi from Neighbours and Thieves

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Protect Wifi

Protect Your WiFi from Neighbours and Thieves 

Protect Wifi


WiFi safety is important 

You have set a WiFi in your home but how will you know that the WiFi provider did not give your password to anyone else ?
How do you know that WiFi is using by someone else ?
How do you know who is in your home using your WiFi without your permission ?
There are many questions that do not respond to everyone. So today we will tell you about a few tools through which you can save your Wi-Fi thieves.

First of all, if you are using the mobile , download the application called Fing , which will let you know which your WiFi is using.

Download Fing App from playstore

And if you are using a computer, you can download the Angry ip Scanner
program on your computer and find out who is using your WiFi.

Download Angry IP Scanner

Is it fine that someone else using your home WiFi and you do not know the address?

It is fact that someone who using Wi-Fi from your home they can see everything in your family’s mobile that they are using in mobile because if you give a WiFi password to anyone It means you are sharing your all personal and secret informations.

So first, find out who is using your WiFi after that, if you find an unknown device that is using your WiFi, quickly change your WiFi password.

You can also cut WiFi from Net Cut ‘s application, but the easiest and good way is to change your WiFi password.
You can take advantage of an application called Net Cut that if your family member is also using WiFi you can cut off their Wifi and use faster.

Net Cut blocks data transfer to other devices when you block the IP address of that Device and Device owner can’t find why its data is not working.

Also you can slow down other device WiFi speed instead of blocking IP address.

Download Net Cut Android app from playstore

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Facebook Creator Android Application

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Fb ad breaks

Download Facebook Creator Android app to earn money from videos.

Facebook introduced Facebook Creator application to make money from videos.

Fb ad breaks

Facebook Creator Android app

The Facebook Creator IOS application was launched last year, now available for Android mobile phones.

What is Facebook Creators ?

Facebook started a service called Facebook for Creators last year, which works like YouTube Creator Studios. In this you can see the full details of your videos, like Likes , Comments , Audience and other insights. Since Facebook tests everything before starting it, called beta testing. This service was still in beta testing, , and there are few pages in the United States earning money. In Pakistan, Waqar Zaka got the invitation for this service last year. But you can also register in this service. Earlier, its iPhone application was available but is now introduced to the Android Application.

Registration method in Facebook for Creator

This service is in beta testing but will be available soon for every particular and general, so you can register clicking on the link

. You must be logged in with your Facebook ID. Then register your name by writing your name email and page link.

Can you make money from Facebook Creator App ?

Yes, but currently there is no option to make money in this application. The Facebook Video monetization is going to start soon, which will show advertisements on videos. With this application, you can view your page messages, commissions, and insights. Apart from this, you can go live on your page. At this time can only manage your page. But very soon, it will include the option to Monetization. With Facebook ad Breaks , you will run ads on your videos and earn money by showing twenty-second ads in live videos.

Download Facebook Creator application .

Read this detailed article in this regard.

Facebook live video monitization details

Download all books of Shafiq Ul Rahman in pdf farmat

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himmaqaten by

Free Download All Books of Shafiq Ul Rahman in Pdf Farmat

himmaqaten by

Shafiq ul Rahman

Col Shafiq-ur-Rahman

Pakistani short story writer
Shafiq ur Rahman was a Pakistani humorist and a short-story writer of Urdu language. He was one of the most illustrious writers of the Urdu speaking world. Like western Mark Twain and Stephen Leacock, he has given enduring pleasure to his readers.  (Wikipedia)
Born: November 9, 1920, Rohtak, India
Died: March 19, 2000, Rawalpindi

Hamaaqaten by Shfiq ul Rahman



  • Year – 1970
  • Publisher Kitabi Duniya Lucknow

Download Himaaqaten By Shfiq ul Rahman In Pdf

Mazeed Hamaaqaten by Shafiq Ul Rahman

Mazeed Himaqatein

Mazeed Himaqatein

  • Year – 1954
  • Publisher Maktaba Jadeed, Lahore

Download Mazeed Himaaqaten by Shfiq ul Rahman in Pdf


Shagoofay By Shfiq Ul Rahman



  • Year – 1994
  • Publisher Kitab Wala, Delhi

Download Shagoofay by Shafiq ul Rahman in Pdf


Lehrien by Shafiq Ul Rahman



  • Year – 1949
  • Publisher Maktaba Jadeed, Lahore

Download lehrien by Shafiq ul Rahman in Pdf



Kirnain by Shfiq Ul Rahman



  • Publisher Maktaba Jadeed, Lahore


Download Kirnen by Shfiq ul Rahman in Pdf



Parwaaz by Shafiq ul Rahman



  • Year – 1952
  • Publisher Maktaba Jadeed, Delhi

Download Parwaaz by Shafiq Ul Rahman in Pdf


Madd o Jazzr by Shafiq Ul Rahman



  • Year – 1952
  • Publisher Maktaba Jadeed, Delhi

Download Madd o Jazzr by Shfiq ul Rahman in Pdf



Dajla by Shafiq Ul Rahman


Dajla by Shafiq Ur Rehman

Name Book : Dajla

Author : Shafiq Ul Rahman

Download dajla by Shafiq Ul Rahman in Pdf farmat



Kaam Chor Bhoot by Shafiq ul Rahman


Kaam Chor Bhoot

Book Name : Kaam chor Bhoot

Author : Shafiq ul Rahman

Download Kaam Chor Bhoot by Shafiq Ul Rahman



Pachtaaway by Shafiq ul Rahman




  • Year – 1982
  • Publisher Asadullah Ghalib

Download Pachtaawe by Shafiq Ul Rahman in Pdf 



Dareechay By Shafiq Ul Rahman





Dareechy By Col Shafiq Ur Rehman PDF Free Download


Author : Col Shafiq Ur Rehman

Download Dareeche by Shafiq Ul Rahman in Pdf

Jarida WordPress Theme Free Download

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Free WordPress Theme

Free Download Jarida WordPress Theme

Free WordPress Theme

Jarida WordPress Theme

Jarida WordPress theme is a responsive magazine and news Theme for WordPress.

Two Urdu Themes have already been uploaded in this blog . Now are present with the WordPress theme for English websites and blogs.

The theme name is Jarida . Well, this is a premium theme worth $ 60, but you can use it here by downloading it for free.

This theme is responsive and mobile friendly. Its specialty is that its speed is very good. After installing the theme you can check your website’s speed. It has more than a hundred English fonts. In addition, there are many options for customization.
Its page builder is also great. There are many features in this theme.

Hope you’ll like this theme.

Free Download Jarida Theme

Jarida WordPress Theme Features

Very Fast
Neat and Clean
Built in Page builder
Mobile Friendly
Seo and AdSense Friendly
Use for magazine and news sites
100+ Fonts
No malware’s
Unlimited features

How to Install

Login to WordPress dashboard , Go to appearance > themes > Add new and upload the downloaded theme.

Enjoy Free Jarida Theme