Online Business In Pakistan

Opportunities for online business in Pakistan

Pakistan is the country of possibilities. And these chances are increasing everyday. Usually, we say such phrases and hear that:

Online Business In Pakistan

Online Earning In Pakistan

There is no chance here.
Talent value is not.
Pakistan can not be anything.
Pakistan is the worst country. There is no progress in this country.
It is not possible to earn money while living in Pakistan.

And millions of such things are commonly used here. I would not say that hundred percent who say that are wrong. But so I would say that those who say this is why they do not know the extent of the potential of Pakistan. In fact, in the real online business industry, there are many possibilities in Pakistan now that if you think of it a little bit, you can not say that millions of rupees has been lost only because of your traditional business and traditional thinking.

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Understand the example.

Lets play with Google for a while. Now search “Online Marketing” and View.

Consider carefully that more than ten million results are found on this small search.

Now let’s try Google AdWords Keyword Planner. And check the same password in the US location.

It looks like there is a lot of compression in the US. Sources of fifteen thousand months and hundreds of people are engaged in the efforts for this word. If you advertise for this word, one click in the US can be up to Rs 15,000 PKR.

On the contrary, search for the same word for Pakistan, Result is something like this:

Seven and a half hundred people search for their word from Pakistan in the month.And the computation is also very low. Although the number of web pages that are found on the internet for this word, it should have been much more compact than Pakistan.But can you tell why this is so low?

The answer is very simple. People here do not know anything about online marketing and online business yet.You go to any area of ​​Pakistan. Even people with IT and Internet fields do not even know online marketing, web industry, and related things. And this is not just listening to me, but interacting with the people, asking them different questions and concluded that even in our IT field, people who do not understand marketing techniques and factors.

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What is the reason?

The reason is that people here have not yet been able to digest the concept of money or online accounting.When it comes to investment, good business people get back because the money and time spent on the internet do not appear in front of the eyes. People here are not satisfied with us until the goods purchased from money or money are in their hands. Online Stores, Online Goods and other online investments do not accept the hearts of our people here.

The result is that thousands of shops and hundreds of shops are closed and the reason is , the shop is not even paying the electricity bill.

On the other hand, the world of online businesses in developing countries has been so competition that it is very difficult to bring new business and succeed in it. Pakistan is far behind this, and this is the biggest argument that here the chances of success are thousands more than the developed countries.

The thing is so much that you are mentally prepared. After seeing the online business strategy here, people who started online business in Pakistan had brought all ideas from anywhere. No one descended from the sky. And now seeing the stories of his success, the eyes are going on, but no one does not want to think that what is the secret of their success?

Imtiaz supermarket , TCS courier service, Cream or Ober’s transport service, or the post of the OLX and Daraz.PK.Take a look and see, some of these companies have brought a revolution in Pakistan’s market, which does not get any example in the past hundred years. And it is not even that he had given a new Idea Market. It is as if he applied ten-year-old idol to a place where he needed the most. And then, the matter does not hold on Idea, only after talking to the OLX, it will be known that the initial expenses on marketing came from six to seventy lakhs.
People often ask that;

What is the best investment Idea in Pakistan?

If seen, the biggest thing in the business is marketing. And that’s what happens most. People do not understand the same thing and then wept that success is not found.

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It is not necessary that you start a new OLX . It is important to make the online presence of whatever you do. Bring people out of the world of convenience. Tell people about your business. Make it easy for them. Learn, understand and apply new order of marketing and economy. This is the only way to write the new destiny of Pakistan in the next ten years from the new angle.And the one who is ignored today will get difficulty to grow.Because the world is changing.If you are not ready to change then it is not worlds fault, you have your own guilt.

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