Make Money From Sponsorships With Facebook and YouTube

YouTube Sponsorship With Famebit

Facebook Brands Collabs Manager

What is Sponsored content ?

Companies adopt different ways to promote their products. Someone advertises advertisements on TV channels, radio and newspapers, and someone promotes advertisements from Google, YouTube, or by Facebook Boost.

But one of the advertising methods is becoming very popular now that is sponsorship. Yes, large companies now contacting the big pages of Facebook for the advice of their products, or making videos by paying money to YouTube’s major channels.

If you too own a large YouTube channel or Facebook page, you can also earn money.
There is more money in the sponsorship than the YouTube channel monetization if you have a large number of subscribers, you can earn a video from $100 to $

The question is how to get a sponsorship ?

Well, companies connect themselves to large channels or pages, but as they say, thirsty has to go to the well, so you have to contact companies yourselves.
For this, both YouTube and Facebook have introduced the facility to combine brands and creators.

YouTube Sponsorship

If you want to get a sponsorship for the YouTube channel, YouTube has introduced the service named Famebit to connect influencers and brands. You can log in to the famebit and read the offers offered by companies by visiting them. Famebit is not only for the YouTube channels, you can get sponsorships for your Facebook , Instagram and Twitter accounts if you have a huge amount of followers.

You can login with your Facebook ID or Gmail ID in the Famebit . But the condition is that your YouTube channel must have five thousand (5000) subscribers. And if you are logged in with Facebook, You can connect your other social accounts too.
Even better if you connect your all accounts.

After being logged in, you will find different companies’ accommodation. You can read these offers and send your proposals . Send a complete description of your page or channel when sending a proposal. Most of brands looking sponsors in USA , UK and Canada . The big channels and pages of Pakistan and India can match, but small page or channel application is not accepted. Try your luck.

Facebook sponsorship

After YouTube’s Famebit, Facebook introduced this feature, which is named Brand Collabs Manager .
Facebook brand Collabs Manager is currently not available for everyone, but if you own a large page you can send your application.
To send an application Go to Facebook Brand Collabs Manager and and sign up You should be logged in to the Facebook account, open the link from the PC or laptop instead of the mobile. Then select your desired page that has more likes and followers . After you set the page, type your email address and submit your request.

If the application is accepted, you can earn money by promoting various products on your page.

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