Payoneer Account

How to make Payoneer account without bank account

Now get free American bank account and MasterCard for free

Payoneer Account

Get Payoneer Account Without Bank Account

As you know, PayPal account can not be made in our country and other online payment services like Payza Skrill etc. are difficult and expensive.
But today we will tell you about a Global Payment Service that is alternative to PayPal and Payza , Skrill etc. It provides Free Virtual bank account and free Debit card. Payoneer is very Popular and useful in freelancing. Mostly Freelancers use Payoneer to Send and receive payments from all over the World.

Introduction Of Payoneer

Payoneer is an American Banking Service, through which you can send and receive money worldwide.
These accounts can be controlled by your mobile or computer sitting at home.

Payoneer account benefits

  • The Payoneer credit card can be obtained at home for free, there are no delivery charges.
  • If you open an account, you can also get $ 25, which can be used once and once your account’s account reaches $ 100.
  • Payoneer Master Card can be used on every website or ATM, where MasterCard is accepted.
  • Different advertising websites accept Payoneer.
  • Major Freelance sites using Payoneer as a Payment Method
  • In addition to this, You can use Payoneer for Facebook Page Boosting, Purchase of Applications from Play Store, Domain and Hosting
    Purchase, every type of online shopping and money from various companies can be sent and received.

How To get a Payoneer account

You must have your ID card to create an account.
First of all go to this link

Sign Up for Payoneer Account

Enter your name email address password and date of birth.
Enter your full address e.g city, province and postal zip code on the next page.
( Remember Write Your name, birth date and the address as per identification card.)
Then enter your password and account user name. Then enter your bank account details and finally upload the image of your ID card then submit your application.

If you do not have your bank account then there is no need to worry.
Because in a specific way you can create a Payoneer account without a bank account.
For this you have to make an account on Dailymotion or Fivver.
First of all create a DailyMotion account, go to the setting of the DailyMotion and turn on the Monetization.DailyMotion gives you money on uploading videos that are called monetization.
After turning on the monetization, click on the Payment Methods or Bank account.There are many payment options. Click on your debit card.And then click the Payoneer Debit Card.
From there, the Open Signup page will open.In which you will write the name address in the above manner.All the other ways will be the same, just here you will not be asked for a bank account number.

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Within approximately two days you will receive an email in which you will need to send pictures of your I’d Card , driving license or bills to Payoneer.

After submitting documents, your account will be activated in one or two days and will also receive confirmation email.
Once Your account activited you can send and receive payments in your Payoneer Account

Within a month your credit card will arrive via the post on your given mailing address.

To activate your card, login to your Payoneer account and click on the Activate Card and after entering your card number and your secret PIN code, your card will be activated and will receive confirmation email.

Now you can use your card in any ATM or website.

Payoneer Fees Chart

For Payoneer Fees And Charges Visit Payoneer’s Official Website


You can also use Payoneer MasterCard To verify or get a PayPal account In Pakistan. ( this is illegal )
Card period is three years after three years you can get a new card.
You can also control your Payoneer account through the Payoneer Mobile application.
You can get up to $25 by reffering a friend to open a Payoneer account, but the condition is that the friends account balance will reach 100$ once.

Important instructions

Do not share your card number and pin code with anyone.
You can see more details and charges on the Payoneer’s official Website.


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