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Facebook Boosting Free

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What is Facebook Boost?

On Facebook you have noticed that the boost page is written in front of every post in your page, actually by boosting facebook spreads your post or page. You must have a credit card or PayPal account to boost.

You can choose your desired location and budget, which means that you want to spread your post to the country or city, namely, and the amount you spend. So many people will see your post. Those people who do not even know your page will also see it and are written sponsored before the boosted post.
Remember, Facebook does not guarantee how much your post get likes , comments or shares, Facebook only count reaches. For example, your post will show up to 75000 in 30$, now how many people from these 75000 will like , comment or share your post , It depend on your post.

How to Get Free Boost Coupon

To get free boost coupons on Facebook, go to Boost post’s option of a post. If You are boosting first time, you will be able to see that Facebook gives you a free credit of $30. If you do not see the option of $30 coupan , then cancel the Boost. In a few hours Facebook will give you notification that you will get 30$ completing your boost , now you have a choice of $30 free Coupan.If you do not receive $30, then set your currency on the US dollar and try it. If still in vain ? Try again and again with your PC or laptop until you get the coupan.

How To Redeem Boost Coupan

Once you got a Coupon , You have to add your Credit Card to Redeem the Coupan.

To add your Credit Card go to boost page and select your desired settings location, budget to boost your page. ( Do not choose a budget of more than 30$ or otherwise you can cut money from your credit card ) After that, Add a Payment method credit card and PayPal. PayPal account does not exist in Pakistan so you can use a credit card option that you can get from any bank in Pakistan. Remember, there is a difference between ATM card Visa debit card and MasterCard, so confirm while taking card if your card is acceptable for online payments. The Master Card , Visa Card can use both on Facebook. If you can not create a bank account , Use Mcb Lite Card Or Payoneer MasterCard.


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After applying a Visa card number and PIN code etc. Facebook will ask you how much money you add from your card for boosting .If you do not want to be dedicated from Card, write a zero or leave it blank and click Finish Boost. Your credit card will no longer be deducted and you will boost your page for free from the 30$ provided by Facebook. The $30 Coupan is just for Facebook Boost.


This free coupon offer is valid for 30 days only, if you do not use this thirty dollars within thirty days, it will be canceled.
If you do not understand this, Watch the video on our YouTube channel.




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