Facebook Ad Breaks Country Support

How to get Facebook Ad Breaks for Nonesupported Countries

Facebook Ad Breaks Country Support

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As you know that Facebook has recently launched its video service called Facebook Watch. Ads in Facebook videos will now be displayed. Which video makers will earn revenue. These ads have been named as Ad Breaks.
Ad Breaks are currently available in the United States of America, UK, Canada , Australia and Ireland but today we will tell you how you can get Ad breaks on your Facebook page for any country where you live.

Ability to get Facebook Ad Breaks

You must have a Facebook page in order to receive ad breaks , which must have at least 10,000 followers. More than 3 minutes of videos should be available on the page. Total Views on these videos should be 30,000 1 minute views. That means, if anyone has played the Video less than a minute, that will not be counted a View for ad breaks.

How to check the Ad Breaks Qualification?

Whether your page is eligible for Ad breaks or not? To learn this , you can check by visiting this page Earn Money With Facebook Ad Breaks . Remember, this link should be opened in to desktop windows instead of mobile. Wait 30 seconds after opening this link. After all 30 seconds details of all of your pages will be visible. Only Admin can see the Qualification Details, moderators will not see these details.

It will be shown that your page followers and Video Views are sufficient or not ? Whether your country supports Ad Breaks or not ?

The rest of the work is easy, but if the Ad breaks are not available in the country, you are not worried at all. The purpose of the article is that we can address the problem of the country support in Ad breaks.

How to turn on country support in Ad Breaks?

If you have a red flag at Country , it means your Country Not Supported , but this problem is very easy. All you have to do is ; just have to make an American, British or Australian friend as a Admin of your Page for at least one week. Nearly after 3 days, “your supported ad breaks” will be written on the page. Remember, go to Page Info and Change the page location that the city your friend lives.
Nothing else , enough to make it just admin.

If there is no friend?

If you have not a friend who lives in the following countries, there is nothing to panic. Add any American or UK friend as admin. The other way is to make an American Fake Account and make the admin of the page.

If you completed all the process, apply for Ad breaks. While applying , You should have a bank account for that country.
Now you will ask How to get Bank Account?

Where to get a bank account?

You may have heard about Payoneer. Payoneer gives you a free American bank account and debit card sitting at home as well as free. That is why you can become the owner of an American bank account sitting at home.
Read this article to get a Payoneer bank account and card sitting at home.

Add Payoneer Bank bank as a payment method , you will be asked to your address you live So you can enter any Fake American address and you have to provide your correct Email address.

After getting the ad breaks, ads will run on your videos, which will bring you revenue. 55% of advertising revenue will be yours and the remaining part of Facebook.

You can manage your Page Insights Videos and Ad breaks with new Creator Studio. Also You can download Facebook Creator app for Android and iPhone.

Remember to avoid uploading videos that contain copyright issues. The video of the copyrighted video will be deleted by Facebook if the deletion does not occur, ads will not run on it.
Be sure to read the policy and terms and conditions of the Facebook Monetization , so that you do not have any problems.

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