Free Visa Debit Card

Get MCB lite Card For Online Payments in Pakistan

Free Visa Debit Card , Free Cvv for International Payments in Pk

Free Visa Debit Card

Order Mcb lite Card Online For Free

What Is Mcb Lite ?

MCB Lite Card actually is a Visa Debit Card. If You do not have any bank account and want to buy anything on internet. Mcb Lite is best online payments solution in Pakistan Powered by Visa accepted all over the World where Visa Debit Card accepted.
You don’t need any bank account to get MCB lite

Benfits Of MCB lite Card (Features)

Mcb Bank provides Mcb mobile wallet for making online payments internationally like Paying fees , Online shopping , Buying domain and hosting , Boosting Facebook Page , Purchasing Apps from Play Store and for any purpose on internet.

How To apply for Mcb Lite Card ?

To get MCB lite at home you have to Apply Online and Fill out the form Or You can contact Mcb helpline to register easily.

Click here To Register for Mcb lite Card

You have to provide your correct Cnic number with Cnic issue and expiry date , Your date of birth , Mobile number , parents name , Your Home address , mailing address and nearest Mcb branch.

( Note : do not provide fake info , All information will be verified from NADRA before approving your request )

If you are having trouble using online form you can easily apply by contacting Mcb helpline No (021) 111000622 .
After providing your correct information s mentioned above like Cnic , Phone No , date of birth etc your request will be submitted. You will get MCB lite card on your address within One week.
If Delivery Failed , Card will returned to your nearest Mcb branch which You preferred on registration.
Collect Mcb Lite from Your nearest branch And Deposit money.
After deposit You have to activate Your card by calling Mcb helpline and create your secure transaction pin. After creating pin , You have to activate online session for Online Payments. Call helpline to activate your online session.

Here is the full Guide How to create transaction pin and Activate online Session.

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How to deposit balance in MCB lite card

You can recharge your MCB lite card from any MCB branch and any MCB mobile banking service . You can also send and receive payments from any MCB lite users. According to Mcb Bank , Mcb Lite agents and retailers will be available soon in All cities of Pakistan.

Mcb Lite Charges , Fees and limits

Mcb lite annual fee PKR 300 will be deducted from Your First Deposit while it has no registration fee no delivery fees. For transaction Fees chart visit Mcb website

Amount limit For Mcb Lite is 25000 PKR but you can get MCB lite 1 and 2 for above 25000 ( maximum 85000 )

Note : Do not share your card number , Cvv to any person or banking officer.
If You lost Your card , report immediately by calling Mcb helpline and deactivate your Mcb Lite Card.


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