How to get AdSense

How to get Google AdSense Approval in 1 minute. ( step by step guide )

How to get AdSense

How to get AdSense Approval

The right way to get Google AdSense Approval

What is Google AdSense ?

Google AdSense is an advertising network that is advertising advertiser. In simple words, with Google Adsense you can earn money by advertising ads on your website. Today, almost all of the websites are running on Google advertisements. So there are many such networks that make money on advertising such as, Infolinks, etc. Google Adsense is the most popular and most prominent. Because Google is available in many countries and languages ​​and provides good revenue. Apart from this, getting a Google AdSense account and recovering money is also very easy.

Different companies pay Google money for promoting their products and gives publishers money by showing advertisements on websites.
Ads that appear on YouTube videos in addition to the Web site are also Google Adsense.

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Google AdSense Eligibility Criteria

Today many people are having trouble getting Google AdSense account. The main reason for which there are rumors and misconceptions on the internet. Because people give an impression to sell their AdSense account that getting AdSense is very hard, even though it is the biggest lie.
By accepting Google’s Terms and Conditions, you can acquire a unique AdSense account .

In this article We will cover all the necessary things as per our experience and research here.

Before applying for AdSense You need following things to do

You must have a website or blog to get an AdSense account. Before applying, pay attention to the design of the website because the website’s design is the most important. Keep the theme of your website as well as the mobile friendly, which should be well-shown on mobile, as well as search engines and AdSense Friendly as well as User Friendly as well as easy to use for your audience. There must be suitable place for advertising or a sidebar.

According to Google Terms and Conditions, websites related to drug, pornography, and hacking , cracks etc are not eligible to receive an AdSense account.

Google AdSense does not need much traffic on the site. You can also apply with Zero Traffic as Google preferred the quality of the website only.

According to the Google policy, the site must have twenty or thirty articles. Articles should be unique standard with interest in people. If you have copyrighted texts or pictures on your site, remove it as soon as possible. Google’s points are too sharp if it is caught, theft is caught.

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Write the texts yourself and make your own pictures.Add title , alt text and caption of pictures. Most people return from Google due to copyright.

According to the policy, the website’s domain must be six months old, but You can apply anytime if you have enough articles.

The website must have a privacy policy, contact page, and contact form. To create a privacy policy, search Google for your policy or copy the privacy policy of any web site by adding your website link to it on your website.

Create categories on the website and keep each article in its category.

Put your Google Plus profile or Facebook page on the web site.

The latest content must be present on the website, not the old ones you are in backup and you have restored them.

You must write three articles in a week to ensure that you are updating the website regularly.

Must have a search option in the website or blog.

Pictures and videos Google Adsense does not like so avoid photos and videos.

Apply for advertising in the same language as your website.

Content must contain content on all web pages – no pages or links are to be empty.
Website must have a menu .

Put the follow-ups, latest posts and gadgets on the site. Also show follow-up email and followers.

Before applyung for adsense , You should add your website into Google search, in addition while publishing the articles you must write the search description. Google likes users for web sites so that you can make it easy for your audience. Yes For this, you have to add link between the other articles in the middle or the end of each article.

The most important thing You have to purchase a .com domain. You can also apply with .org and .net domains but .com is recommended.

You Can not apply from WordPress’s free blog but can be applied from blogger’s free blog but we will recommend that you buy the domain otherwise Google may not approve your request.

Do not apply quickly , Apply after all the above requirements completed.

How to Apply for AdSense

First go to your AdSense sign-up. Sign up with your gmail id. Write your website address here and copy and paste the verification code into the tag of the web site. If you are using Blogger then login to Blogger and click the Earning option. Then write your personal info name , address ( as per Cnic ) , mobile number , zip code . Find out your area’s postal zip code for the address. The address should be perfectly valid, as you later will receive the money or a PIN verification from Google on the same address.

After submitting the application, copy your Google AdSense code to the site <head> Paste below the tag. If there is an error entering the code, remove the space between async and src inside the code, or go to Layout and enter the Google AdSense code in HTML JavaScript. If You are using WordPress install a plugin named “Advanced Ads ” and configure settings or add AdSense code in custom HTML gadget.
After that, you will receive an email from Google within two or three days, in which you will be notified that your account has been approved or not.

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If you have applied via following method, there are 100% chance of Approval. If Google still gets a reason, Google will tell you about it. Of course, there is a decrease in website setup, complete this reduction and apply again.


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