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Free Wp Hosting

Free Hosting for Worspress

The most important thing to create a website is domain and hosting. The domain refers to a website link or address that starts with WWW ending at com or dot net etc. And hosting is the warehouse where you store your website database.

The domain’s value is estimated from 10$ to 15$ per year, while hosting costs are 5$ per month. All web sites spend minimum 100$ per year for domains and hosting plans.

Today we will tell you about a free hosting service that works such as premium Hosting. Because It has Fully Premium features. Yes! we are talking about Viewen. Viewen is a Free Unlimited hosting service with fast servers. It also provides free SSL Certificate And Email for your Domain.
Viewen Hosting is a absolutely free , No need any credit card or payment service but You have to purchase your domain from any domain provider before , After you can apply for free hosting.

How to get for free hosting

After buying a domain, you have to sign up for Viewen

Sign Up Here

Clicking on sign up, there will be names of Viewen servers, such as Austin, Boston, Miami, Delhi etc. You can set any of these servers All servers are equal. Click on the order then write your domain name that you’ve purchased. After forming a domain address, a form will come. Write your name, email, address, Facebook ID in it. Also write your password and also write on what topic your site is on. Then, submit your application with accepting their terms and conditions.
After Submitting you will get your order number.

Afterwards you have forward your domain to the name server on which you have created hosting.
The names server is something like this

When you enter the name server in your domain’s settings, Login to the Viewen account – log in with the email and password that you used when sending a hosting account application.

After logging there, click on the send ticket option to send a ticket – send them the message that you are ready so activate the hosting account. Then they will ask you some questions that your Facebook ID is yours, send a screenshot from the domain you’ve bought, that you really own this domain, are you accept the terms and conditions , your website is going to be?
After sending the answers to all these questions your hosting will be activitied. You can see 1 active Products. Clicking on the product, You enter your hosting’s control panel.

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You now have hosting and domain. Now you want to use any service, create a forum, create email services or other internet sites. If you want to create a website or blog, install WordPress. WordPress is a great service for website and blog, at that time websites use more WordPress.WordPress is an open source service to create any Website without any technical knowledge or coding. Custom designs can be made by WordPress. You do not need any coding on WordPress because the plugin is available for each service. You can also make your own online store through WordPress.WordPress is a great choice for a standard web site.

How to Install WordPress with free SSL certificate on Viewen.

You can install SSL Certificate with WordPress installation
After entering the Control Panel there will be many applications. Wordpress has written below. Click on WordPress by clicking Install. Here it will also open like a form. Set your protocol in the first box. Http or https://www before the website. You have too choose “https” for SSL Certificate. Add Your Domain link to another box. In the third box the “WP” has to be written. Leave the blanket blank by deleting the WP.
Then write down your website’s name disclaimer and email.
Write the user name and password below.
( Remember this username and password because they will use the same username and password to manage the website later )

Select the theme of the website below.(You can Set any theme later ). Then click Install. Take your website ready. Now you go to the Web site’s Control Panel after the web site link wp-admin. For example

Write your username and password here, which were given while installing WordPress.
Now you can log in at any time to post to your website. Website design theme plugins and all settings can be done.
After installation , download and install a nice theme. Then create the menu. Create Categories Create a page page and create a privacy policy page. Then install the necessary plugin. Eg contact form ,Yoast SEO, Jet Pure etc.
(A separate article about the plugins will appear on this site very soon )

Add your Web site to Google Search from the SEO. Then start writing articles. Update your website regularly to rank on Google Search. After writing some articles , You can apply for AdSense Account by earning money from your website.

Here’s How to Get Google Adsense account

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