Auto Rotate Turned Off still Rotating

Fix Samsung Screen Auto Rotating Errors

Samsung Auto Rotate Screen Not working Here is the Solution

Auto Rotate Turned Off still Rotating

Samsung Auto Rotation Problem

Some of Samsung Mobile phones ( J series ) having sensor problems causing issues for rotate screen.
If you turn off the Auto rotate but still screen will be rotating both sides left and right. This problem is very irritating and most of the people sell their Mobile phone because of the problem. We have discovered a very easy solution for this problem.

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How To Fix Auto rotate Problem

To fix the screen rotation problem , You need to download an application from Play store named ” Quick Tune Up Phone Calibration ”

Click here to Install Quick Tune Up Phone Calibration

After installation , open Quick Tune Up application and click on ” Sensor Calibration ” when you click on it. Your mobile phone will ask to reboot.

Reboot the phone and You have done.
Now your problem will be fixed and you no longer get Auto Rotate error.

It worked for me , so I am sharing with you please comment and let me know if it is worked or didn’t worked for you.


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Note : I have checked with Samsung J7 , I hope it will be working with other models of Samsung and other Android Mobile phones as well.
Kindly must share your reviews about the application and if you have any other solution for sensor problems and Auto Rotate errors.

Thank You

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