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Facebook group Latest Updates

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Now Clients and Job Finders can find each other easily from Facebook Mentorships Feature. It is useful for those groups where people come to search for a job. Through this feature, if a user searches for a job , and someone offering same job Facebook will connect them each other. Facebook Mentorship pairs both the clients and job seekers.

Facebook Mentorship is not just for job, but many people make it easy to find the desired people . For example, if a person arrives in a group looking for a web designer , the person who proposes a qualified web designer as written on his profile, Facebook recommends the desired man. In this way, both of them can talk about each other by private chat and decide their matters. This service is free.

This service is also in beta testing now, Available in some groups in United States. As soon as possible, This feature will be available for all groups very soon.

How will this service work, how much people will benefit from it , will be seen later. I think people in Pakistan and India will not use this service more. This feature can be used in western countries more.

Many of Facebook’s features are currently in testing, such as Facebook video monetization that will run ads on videos and make video-making money. In addition to this, Facebook has tried to match brands and publishers through brand manager, through which you can earn money by sponsoring a brand on your page.

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