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Facebook Video Monetization ! make money with Facebook

Facebook has recently announced to launch a new service, which is named Facebook for Creators

Facebook Ad Breaks

Facebook For Creators

What Is Facebook For Creators ?

There are several ways to make money on Facebook already like earning money by showing advertisements on the Android or iPhone applications with Facebook Audience Network or by using Facebook Instant Articles to show advertisements in the articles of your website but Facebook has recently announced a new service called Facebook for Creators.

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Facebook for creators will work like YouTube’s Creator Studio in which users will be able to edit their videos. It includes live video Tools for Video Creators. Video creators will show ads on their Videos to earn money.
Advertisements will be run on uploading videos or broadcasting live videos in this new service of Facebook, which will give up to 50% of the revenue generated by the video maker.

Eligibility Criteria

Facebook for the creators is currently under Beta resting , so there is no final qualification criteria. The qualification criteria for people who have been invited to test this service in western countries are at least 2000 followers on their profile or page and 300 viewers at the time of their live. If at least 300 people will see live at once ,It is considered eligible. There is currently no notification regarding the qualification that will be the same quality or other when the service starts completely.

How to join Facebook for creators

Join this link to join Facebook for Creator


Join this service by logging in with your Facebook Profile and Provide Your Facebook Page’s Link ,YouTube channel, InstaGram or Twitter ID.

As you know Facebook has started testing this service, people from a few countries are being included. Perhaps Facebook has started partially so that people can increase their followers and make videos and live their minds mentally after joining. As soon as this service starts regularly, it will be available for every particular and general.

How to take ad breaks on Facebook Live videos

Ad breaks can be taken every five minutes, After Five minutes creators will take an ad break that will be fifteen seconds And the video watcher will not be able to skip it.

Facebook Live Video Monetization in Pakistan

Now Facebook is rolling out the service to more countries and inviting creators from different countries.
In Pakistan there is only one person who were invited to test live video Monetization.
Yes Waqar Zaka is the first Pakistani who were invited by Facebook to join live video Monetization.

Video Creators Theme

In addition, users can also set up the Video Creator theme on their Facebook page that is designed for video creators. To set the video creators on your page theme settings, go to the page settings and Set the Video Creator Theme for Your Page

Video Editing Tools

You can edit your videos in the Page Publishing Tools, add title, description,tags and thumbnail to Your Videos.
Not only this, free music for creators is being paid by Facebook, which allows Creators to download music for thier videos from free music library.
This music library is also available in Facebook page publishing tools. Remember that this music can be used only on Facebook, sharing on other websites will come into the copyrights category.


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