Facebook monetization

Make Money From Facebook Groups

Facebook Group Subscriptions

Facebook monetization

Facebook group subscriptions

From the Facebook Group Subscription Feature group Admins can receive a monthly fee from Group members. This service will be available for those groups whose members are in millions and a sub group will be made for the fee-making members, where they will be able to see the Important posts while the free member will not be able to see that posts. Admins can apply monthly fees from 5$ to 30$ dollars. Current and new members of the group can pay fees, however, Admin can also hold an option to enter member withiut paying any fee. This service is currently available in some of the major groups of the US. Soon will be available for all users.

This Idea Facebook was given by the Group Admins and Facebook says group administrators work hard, this service can make more active the groups.
The way to make a fee is that the user must be added in the free group. If wants to be a premium member , will be included in a sub-group where free members do not have access.

Currently, Facebook do not cut any commission, can take 15% commission when the service is started regularly.
PayPal account is required for both the fees and the recipients, but PayPal service is not available in Pakistan, so it is being hoped to pay a fee in the credit card in Pakistan and the Admins through the bank account can be able to receive payments.

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