Everything you should know about Facebook Watch

Everything you should know about Facebook Watch
Everything you should know about Facebook Watch

30 August, 2018

Everything you should know about Facebook Watch

Facebook introduced its Video Service Facebook Watch

How to get Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch

As you know, Facebook launched Facebook Watch service last year, but earlier this service was available only in the US, now it has been introduced for everyone.

What is Facebook Watch ?

The Facebook Watch is a video service with Original videos, news, plays etc. like YouTube and Netflicks etc. In this you will be able to watch the videos you like.
You have noticed that a new tab has been added to your Facebook, called the Watch tab.
By clicking the Facebook Watch tab you can see different programs and shows.

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Facebook Watch Features

The feature of the Facebook Watch is that it offers the latest and original videos to Watch. Facebook Watch creators make videos and upload. Facebook displays that videos in the watch tab, which also has a high number of video viewers and the video maker’s follow-ups increase.
In addition, the video maker also gets money to show advertisements in the video.

Making Money From Facebook Watch

Yes, money from Facebook can also be earned by Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch Creators can get 55% of advertising earnings by adding an ad to their videos. The facility of the Ad breaks is currently limited to western countries, in the next few weeks, this facility will be available in many countries.

Facebook Watch Monetization Eligibility

To show an ad break in videos, you should first read the Facebook monetization eligibility standards. Apart from this, the quality of competence is that the number of followers on your page must be 10000 followers and your videos should get 30,000 views in last two months.

How to join Facebook Watch ?

If you make good videos, register on Facebook Watch’s website to join Facebook Watch and make your show page. Upload the original videos in show page. If you have 10000 followers and 30,000 Views on your show page videos in two months, you can monetize your videos.

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  • I cannot see the watch button on several iphone x or different facebook profiles. Any way we can enable it. It’s not available in more too

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