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Everything You need to know about Facebook Ad Breaks

Facebook Watch Features

Facebook Ad Breaks

If you’ve heard about Facebook Watch, the social media giant’s new platform, you’d probably realised that the digital marketing industry is about to shift once again.

With the introduction of Facebook Watch comes a new form of advertising, which is called Ad Breaks. Although this feature has been only widely launched in Australia last month, we have seen how powerful this new feature can be. With video as its main content, engagement and conversion will definitely skyrocket.

Ad Breaks was designed to mimic TV-style programming and has been rolled out earlier this March 2018, although pre-tests and experiments have started last year.

What is the Facebook Ad Breaks program all about?

According to Facebook: Ad breaks are short ads you can include in your eligible videos to earn money. Ads are placed at natural breaks in your content or you can choose your own placements.

In short, ad breaks are short videos created by publishers to be launched inside videos that are at least three minutes long. These mid-roll videos are inserted within on-demand videos at least 20 seconds or 1 minute in. This is a new way of monetising your video content by inserting ads in it.

Who can sign up for the program?

Not all people can be eligible for the ad breaks program. Creators have to meet four criteria to qualify as an advertiser. Here are the four criteria:

Monetisation Eligibility Standards

You need to be familiar and comply with Facebook’s policies and terms, including community standards, payment terms, page terms, content guidelines for monetisation, sharing authentic content and developing an established presence.

1-Minute Views for 3-Minute Videos

You need to have successfully accomplished at least 30,000 one-minute views on your 3-minute videos. Facebook uses this metric to determine whether you’ll also be successful in monetising with ad breaks.


You can’t use your personal profile to publish ad breaks. You need to have a page that has at least 10,000 followers.

Country and Language Availability

For now, ad breaks are available in English language only and accessible in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. However, the program is continuing to expand and will be available soon in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Thai, and German languages.

How to Get Started with Ad Breaks?

The first thing you need to do is to check your Facebook Page’s eligibility status. You can do that by going to this page. If you are currently logged in on Facebook, the page will automatically scan your Facebook pages and determine whether they meet the criteria or not.

If you’re not eligible, Facebook will show you which criteria you have not met. And if you think Facebook made a mistake, you can contact them to appeal.

But if you’re eligible, the next step is to access your Creator Studio to get started.

This is where you’ll manage your content library for all your Facebook pages and see which videos you can crosspost. This is also where you can see the insights for all the videos you’ve uploaded, messages, rights manager, settings, and sound collection you can use for your videos. You can also download the Facebook Creator app on your phone to manage your Pages and content while on the go.

The next step is to setup your Ad Breaks payout account. This is where all payments from Facebook for the ad breaks in your videos will be sent. Here you can view all your past transaction, download invoices and remittance info.

Ready to get started? Let me know if you have questions or comments below.

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