Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi

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Charagh Talay , Khakam badahan , Aab e Gum , Zarguzisht And Sham e Shair e Yaran

Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi

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Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi

Who is not familiar with Mushtaq Ahmed Yosufi, Urdu writer , Humorist. You were born on August 4, 1923, in Rajhistan district Tonk. They came after Karachi. These days Yousufi living in Karachi. It’s been a long time Yousufi is ill.
Ibn e Insha and Zahir FatehPuri said that we are living in during the time of Yousufi’s humor. Yosufi Sahib responded in a specific way, the word “Yousufi” means that during the time, every man has touched by his face and every person wants to be touched by back.

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Yosufi Sahib has written only five books. Ibn e Insha once wrote that Yusufi’s book is recieved and not yet read, because if he reads, it will end, and he will not write any book for the next ten years.
Five books of Yosufi Sahib have been published. Due to heavy sentences and hard words, Yosufi Sahib is very difficult to understand for a general reader, but slowly Yousuf’s words seem to speak magic and then he wants Kaash ! Yosufi’s books to be written even more. Yosufi Sahib is well aware of laughing. After reading their books, consciousness windows begin to open. Their humour is not merely fun, but the purpose is, and the reader gets something.

Charagh Talay by Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi

Charagh Talay is the first book of the Yousufi. This book contains Subjects like fall illness, charity and subjects such as culture, cricket, madness and coffee. Yosufi’s humor forced the person to laugh . For example he writes ” The choice of men is the bridge in which fat girls can’t walk.

Download Charagh Talay By Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi PDF

Khakam Badahan By Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi

Adam G Awarded Book Khakam Badahan is Yousufi’s best book. Yousufi writes in the book Khakam Badahan that “humour is sixth sense of human, if it is easy, every person passes easy.
In Khakam badahan , Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi written subjects such as Mirza , mataharry , Caesar, , while we die of shame, Hill station and subjects such as the best comedy , Tasveer e butaan etc.

Download Khakam Badahan By Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi PDF

Zarguzisht by Mushtaq Yousufi

Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi was affiliated with the banking profession. In this book, he has written the history of his banking career, which is named as the Zarguzisht. It is also contain romantic phrases .See a phrase, pointing to a modren girl who weared half dress looking naked, saying, “The infant babies so fond of the dress she wears.”

Download Zarguzisht By Yousufi PDF

Aab e Gum by Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi

Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi called Aab e Gum his favorite book. There , which makes the reader laugh and then forced to cry suddenly. This combination makes it a masterpiece.

Dowbload Aab e Gum By Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi PDF

Sham e Shair e Yaran By Mushtaq Ahmed Yousufi

It is the last book of Yousufi Sahib , which is published in 2014. Many writers said that this book has been published by compulsion, The Book has been extracted from various verses of Yousufi Sahib’s Speeches and Articles. So it is a list of Public speeches and Articles Of Yousufi. It seems like Yousufi’s name has been used to earn money by publishing the book.This book has not standard quality But the lovers of Yousufi still buying the book. This book is not available in PDF due to copyright but you can buy online at the price 1200 Pkr from any online book store.

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