Bad apps

Do not install unsafe applications in Your phone

For the last three days, a man was asking me Facebook that He want to give a software to use free internet, I did not give any answer, but when the insistence continued to grow, I said, “Send me brother.”

do not insatll this app

Never use Such applications

Now he has sent a software link that is used to steal others’ personal information.

I have been tired of exploring the elements of such an internet world. It is not a difficult task to recognize such kind of people for me today, But I am going to inform all the friends so that you should be careful about such people.

Actually, such software is made for positive tasks, but it is used to us wrongly. With these applications, people look at their family members, children and employees so that they can stop them if they make any wrongdoing on the Internet.

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Interestingly, these applications do not appear in mobile after installing applications, so parents in such countries install similar applications in their child’s mobile phones and see their child’s mobile screen on their mobile so that the children Can be fully monitored and they are not involved in wrong activities.

With these applications, the call and SMS history can be seen as well as viewing others’s mobile phone screen live.

Estimate how secure your e-mail and Facebook account password is if your mobile screen is also visible on other mobile phones.

These software is called spy applications. If you have got a spy written in an application, do not log in.

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Below are the ten spy software names. If someone has installed this type of application in your phone, then delete it.

Unsafe apps for android

  • Spyzie
  • Flexispy
  • MobiStealth
  • Mobile Spy
  • SpyEra
  • Highster Mobile
  • PhoneSheriff
  • TheTruthSpy
  • iSpyoo

But You can use applications mentioned above in postive way for any purpose.

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