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If you want to make a standard and professional website for your business, school, office, factory or institution, contact us by Email address, Facebook page  or Contact form Below , and the remaining issues will be set up on phone or bytes.

There are few occasions in this regard.

Today a standard website is made up to 10000 PKR to 50000 PKR. Apart from this, many non-standard websites are also free and low cost. We only work on making a standard website. Do not contact if your range is less than 10000 PKR.

We will not retain your documents with us , all data, accounts and passwords will be delivered to you so that You don’t worry for security issues. whenever you have any problem or any kind of change to the website, we will guide you at step by step.

We will set up the website’s design, structure, and other necessary settings, but it is your job to put articles and content. Our work is to make you menu , categories and other set-ups.

Of course you know the domain and hosting yearly fee is, so we will first buy you domain , hosting for the year and set up your website, then you want the website to be the next year too or not. Keep it closed or turn it off. One year later, if your website is closed if you do not pay a fee, we will not be a responsible.

We’ll do the site’s search engine optimization well so that you have a complete index in Google search.
We will also apply an AdSense account for the site if you need.

The website will be customized by the design of the theme website, so you can send samples as well. In addition, you can also create websites for online stores, photography, movies, music and more.

Payment Methods

Easypaisa , Jazz Cash MCB Lite and Payoneer.

In addition to the website, You can contact for WordPress themes and domains to buy at a reasonable cost.


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