How to Mirror Laptop Or PC Screen on Android Phones

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How to Mirror Laptop or PC Screen on Android Phones

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Mirror laptop or PC Screen On Android Mobile Phone

The mobile screen sharing on laptop or PC is too easy, has already been described in this article .
Today I am gonna tell you how to mirror computer or laptop screen on your Android mobile device.

Sometimes you need to see your computer screen mobile if the laptop screen is broken and you have to do any necessary work or the LCD monitor not working properly or you want to have a computer screen on your mobile phone. If you want to see, this work is very easy.

There is no need for any specific device, just your mobile and computer should be connected to the same WiFi router.

The procedure is ; you will need to install an application in your mobile phone and install same application in your computer.
This app name is SpaceDisk

First click the link below to install the SpaceDisk app from the Play Store on your Android Mobile Phone.

Install Space Disk on Android

Then download your desired Windows driver for spacedisk from the link below.

How To Use

After installing the mobile phone app and the driver in the computer, connect the mobile and the computer to the same WiFi router. Have a WiFi package or not, No matters , just connect with a Wifi device or a dongle or a router.

If your laptop’s screen is broken, temporarily connect it to a monitor and install this driver and drag the WiFi into a automated connection so that the broken screen will cause you frequent WiFi connectivity. Do not have trouble.

When both of them connect to the WiFi, open your SpaceDisk application in your mobile phone, your computer name will appear there. If you click on this, then your computer screen will appear in mobile in a few seconds.

If the screen is displayed but mouse pointer is not moving on mobile , then select “duplicate resolution” in computer resolution settings.

Then your computer’s screen will look on mobile and you can use your computer by touching on your mobile screen.

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Best way to Share Android Mobile Screen on the Computer

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Control Android Mobile On Laptop

Best way to Share Android Mobile Screen on the Computer.

You must have a Chrome browser to share your Android mobile screen on your Pc or laptop.

Control Android Mobile On Laptop

Cast Android Screen On Pc

The mobile phone screen is usually required to root a mobile phone to share on computer or laptop. A few mobile phones come with a specific cable, which screen can be seen on the computer.
But today’s article, we will tell you how to share your Android mobile phone screen, but also to control your mobile on a computer without any device or specific cable.

How To Share Mobile Screen On PC

You must have a Chrome browser to share your Android mobile screen on your computer or laptop.
Open Google Chrome browser and search in Google ” Vysor ” and install it on your browser. Or

Click here to Install Vysor

Actually Vysor is an extension of the Chrome browser and it only installs in Chrome. When you search, the Chrome Web Store will appear at the top, click on the Wizard Extensions page, which will contain details, click on the Add to Chrome on the top right by downloading it. After downloading it will be installed in the Chrome browser.

Now turn off the browser once . In the top left corner of the Chrome browser, a few color points appear in Chrome, which appear to have Chrome-related applications.

Now open Vysor and connect your mobile phone to the computer via a data cable. Remember the option of USB debugging on mobile phone developer settings should be turned on. If you do not have Developers option in your mobile phone, go to Mobile Phone’s About settings And click the at Build Number five times, then the developer option will appear on your mobile.

After switching USB debugging in the developer option by connecting the mobile phone to a computer. Now go to Vysor and click Find a Device. Your mobile phone’s name will be visible by clicking on it.

After that, an option will come to your mobile phone, that will ask you to allow this application. If you do OK, the Wizard App will automatically install in your mobile phone, as well as the mobile screen will appear on the computer.

Now you can control your mobile computer, i.e. if you click the mobile screen on the computer, then it will be click on the mobile phone.


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