How to Mirror Laptop Or PC Screen on Android Phones

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How to Mirror Laptop or PC Screen on Android Phones

Bhabi ko Choda

Mirror laptop or PC Screen On Android Mobile Phone

The mobile screen sharing on laptop or PC is too easy, has already been described in this article .
Today I am gonna tell you how to mirror computer or laptop screen on your Android mobile device.

Sometimes you need to see your computer screen mobile if the laptop screen is broken and you have to do any necessary work or the LCD monitor not working properly or you want to have a computer screen on your mobile phone. If you want to see, this work is very easy.

There is no need for any specific device, just your mobile and computer should be connected to the same WiFi router.

The procedure is ; you will need to install an application in your mobile phone and install same application in your computer.
This app name is SpaceDisk

First click the link below to install the SpaceDisk app from the Play Store on your Android Mobile Phone.

Install Space Disk on Android

Then download your desired Windows driver for spacedisk from the link below.

How To Use

After installing the mobile phone app and the driver in the computer, connect the mobile and the computer to the same WiFi router. Have a WiFi package or not, No matters , just connect with a Wifi device or a dongle or a router.

If your laptop’s screen is broken, temporarily connect it to a monitor and install this driver and drag the WiFi into a automated connection so that the broken screen will cause you frequent WiFi connectivity. Do not have trouble.

When both of them connect to the WiFi, open your SpaceDisk application in your mobile phone, your computer name will appear there. If you click on this, then your computer screen will appear in mobile in a few seconds.

If the screen is displayed but mouse pointer is not moving on mobile , then select “duplicate resolution” in computer resolution settings.

Then your computer’s screen will look on mobile and you can use your computer by touching on your mobile screen.

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Set Network Mode Only LTE with Only 4g Switcher

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Switch Network Mode LTE Only

Set Network Mode Only LTE with Only 4g Switcher

Switch Network Mode LTE Only

Only 4G Network Mode

Nowadays, all the mobile phones can be set on network mode only to 2g or 3g , but there is no option in a mobile that you can run the Internet only 4g mode.
Sometimes, if you make live Video , the network automatically switch to 3g and 4g that affects the program.
Today I’m going to tell you about an application that lets you set up your network mode only 4g.
This application is an apk file , you will not get it on the Play Store.

I use this on my Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 mobile phone, I’m running perfectly, but not working on some friends mobile phones, try it if it is working on your mobile phone. If you do not work, then let us know so that we can search any other solution.
It works on Android nought 7.0 and above versions.

Download 4G Switcher

Download the download from the link and install it in your mobile phone. Then open this app. And set the network mode to LTE only in application.


The error of this software is that the internet works on Only LTE mode but phone calls and SMS do not work. Therefore, when you do not use the Internet, then set the network mode again to the default default mode.

If you didn’t understand watch the Video on our YouTube channel and Subscribe the Channel.

Facebook Creator Android Application

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Download Facebook Creator Android app to earn money from videos.

Facebook introduced Facebook Creator application to make money from videos.

Fb ad breaks

Facebook Creator Android app

The Facebook Creator IOS application was launched last year, now available for Android mobile phones.

What is Facebook Creators ?

Facebook started a service called Facebook for Creators last year, which works like YouTube Creator Studios. In this you can see the full details of your videos, like Likes , Comments , Audience and other insights. Since Facebook tests everything before starting it, called beta testing. This service was still in beta testing, , and there are few pages in the United States earning money. In Pakistan, Waqar Zaka got the invitation for this service last year. But you can also register in this service. Earlier, its iPhone application was available but is now introduced to the Android Application.

Registration method in Facebook for Creator

This service is in beta testing but will be available soon for every particular and general, so you can register clicking on the link

. You must be logged in with your Facebook ID. Then register your name by writing your name email and page link.

Can you make money from Facebook Creator App ?

Yes, but currently there is no option to make money in this application. The Facebook Video monetization is going to start soon, which will show advertisements on videos. With this application, you can view your page messages, commissions, and insights. Apart from this, you can go live on your page. At this time can only manage your page. But very soon, it will include the option to Monetization. With Facebook ad Breaks , you will run ads on your videos and earn money by showing twenty-second ads in live videos.

Download Facebook Creator application .

Read this detailed article in this regard.

Facebook live video monitization details

What is root ? Pros and cons of rooting a mobile phone

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How To too Samsung

The Pros and Cons of rooting a mobile phone

How To too Samsung

Pros And Cons Of Rooting

What is the root ?

Most people know about the root, but some people don’t know what’s this and what they know is that there is a dangerous thing for Mobile called root. Today we will also tell you how to root your mobile phone, along with the benefits and damages of the root.

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As you know that a mobile phone maker gets more control over the mobile user , that can adapt the mobile software the way it wants. But the user who has a limited option can not either edit or delete the system-provided software. It does not have access to system folders. This is the difference between a common user and a super user.
If you want to get all the options for your mobile system, the mobile has to be rooted. After you root, you get Super User Options. That means that you can delete any system and access all secret settings.
In addition to the mobile phone, people also use computers to use their own choice.


Roots Benefits ( pros )

There are many benefits to rooting. After you root a mobile, you have access to all system folders. This allows you to modify any system. For example, your mobile phone memory is very low and many applications from the system that load your memory on your phone, you can delete them through the root.

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In addition, you can change your WiFi’s Mac address. IMEI can also be changed to Chinese and other MTK Android Phones . Mobile software , Fonts , can be change through Root.
Mobile screens can easily share on your computer.
You can install Custom roms , scripts or patches of your choice. Wi-Fi passwords can be hacked. Or recover pre-saved passwords. Also, you can use the apps that runs through the root. Through routes you can also increase battery time.

But Root does not mean that all the facilities will be available when you make a root. For each work you will have to download the software and allow this software to access the root folder.


Root losses ( cons )


Route losses are very low if you are a specialist. Warranty will be lost if your mobile warranty is available, because the company will not claim a rooted mobile. You have the option to set all the settings after the root, so if you accidentally make a necessary system folder or an app deleted, the mobile will have to re-download the software.
Routing is no harm unless you delete a necessary folder or app.

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How To  How to Root a Mobile Phone

You need to download the Rooting app to root the mobile phone. Some mobile phones are rooted in the application, but new version of mobile phones have to be rooted from computer.
There are many software available for mobile and computer but you will not find it on the Play Store.

Today we’ll tell you how to root from Kingroot app. First install and install this apk file from . Open this and connect the mobile to the Internet. Now try the root. Mobile rooting will begin to start when hundred percent complete, the mobile phone has been rooted and an app in your mobile phone will be installed as SuperSu. This super user is called root. Now you get complete actions with super user permission by downloading any root software.

If the routing to the mobile failed, install the same application from the computer by installing the same app. If you do not understand this app, use other applications such as iroot or Framaroot etc that use both for mobile and computer.


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Fix Samsung Screen Auto Rotating Errors

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Auto Rotate Turned Off still Rotating

Fix Samsung Screen Auto Rotating Errors

Samsung Auto Rotate Screen Not working Here is the Solution

Auto Rotate Turned Off still Rotating

Samsung Auto Rotation Problem

Some of Samsung Mobile phones ( J series ) having sensor problems causing issues for rotate screen.
If you turn off the Auto rotate but still screen will be rotating both sides left and right. This problem is very irritating and most of the people sell their Mobile phone because of the problem. We have discovered a very easy solution for this problem.

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How To Fix Auto rotate Problem

To fix the screen rotation problem , You need to download an application from Play store named ” Quick Tune Up Phone Calibration ”

Click here to Install Quick Tune Up Phone Calibration

After installation , open Quick Tune Up application and click on ” Sensor Calibration ” when you click on it. Your mobile phone will ask to reboot.

Reboot the phone and You have done.
Now your problem will be fixed and you no longer get Auto Rotate error.

It worked for me , so I am sharing with you please comment and let me know if it is worked or didn’t worked for you.


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Note : I have checked with Samsung J7 , I hope it will be working with other models of Samsung and other Android Mobile phones as well.
Kindly must share your reviews about the application and if you have any other solution for sensor problems and Auto Rotate errors.

Thank You