Is SEO dead in 2018?

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Search Engine Optimization

Is SEO dead in 2018?

Search Engine Optimization

Is SEO dead

This question has been in the minds of marketers since a while back, and the recent Clutch survey has just made SEO seem more obsolete.

According to the survey, only 44% of businesses invest time and money on SEO, making it the least popular digital marketing channel. In the survey, Clutch asked 501 marketers from companies with at least 100 employees and with revenues from $50 million to more than $500 million, this question:
“What digital marketing channels does your company participate in?”

The results showed that social media is the most popular with 81%, followed by websites with 78%, email with 69%, display/banner ads with 55%, mobile apps and content marketing, both with 53%.

Why is SEO less attractive than other marketing channels? According to Clutch, there are two reasons:

  • Businesses lack awareness about how SEO functions.
  • SEO results aren’t immediately obvious.

However, despite all this:

SEO is definitely not dead.

As SEO expert Stephan Spencer said, Search Engine Optimisation is “still very much alive — just vastly different from the way it once was.”

Traditional SEO – the one where you follow a cookie-cutter approach or a formula complete with step-by-step processes, is dead.

However, SEO has evolved much over the years, incorporating all the various technologies that have popped up ever since and shaping it into the modern-day SEO that we know now.

There are reasons why SEO is still relevant – and will remain relevant over the years.

Let’s look at them one by one:

  • As long as search engine exists, so will SEO. As long as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines continue to dominate the internet, optimising your business for these constantly evolving algorithms will always be important.
  • The rise of IoT will make SEO more relevant. We have seen the rise of smartwatches, automated cars, and smart appliances with what we call Internet of Things. These machines are all connected to the internet and uses contextual clues to determine the user’s intent. That’s why keyword optimisation plays an important role in IoT.
  • SEO goes local. As more and more brick-and-mortar businesses are realising the benefits of the internet, local search engine optimisation becomes a crucial part of every business’ marketing strategy. The need to establish an online presence, attract local customers and facilitate engagement on a local level and increase foot traffic has become a fundamental part of small and medium-sized businesses’ growth. And the only way to reach the local market, aside from traditional advertising, is through Local SEO.
  • SEO has a huge impact on the buying cycle. What do customers do before they buy something? They research. Being able to appear in front of customers right when they are searching for the type of products or services you offer, is a game changer. SEO helps businesses provide the answer to the questions or queries the customers are looking for.

So, is SEO dead? Probably not in the near future.

Although SEO may no longer be as popular as it once was, the fact that there are benefits to it ensures its survival. Addressing the problems identified by Clutch would also help businesses have a better understanding of how it works and how SEO will benefit them.

3 Tips to get Google AdSense account approved quickly in 2018

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How To get Approved AdSense Account 2018

3 Tips to get Google AdSense account approved quickly in 2018

How To get Approved AdSense Account 2018

3 Tips to get Google AdSense

Getting an AdSense account is very easy just like Drinking a glass of water.
You must have some quality articles that must provide a value to users and your site interface should be user friendly.
Must have a Privacy policy and Contact page.
Here are the 3 Tips to get Google AdSense account approved quickly.

AdSense Tip#1

Don’t be eager to get your account approved until you start getting minimum 150 to 200 page views a day. If somehow you got approved and put the ads with low page views You will get the lowest RPM and CPC rate. Later, You will start reading on Google why I am getting a low rate. So, Focus only on your blog and add many contents you can, Wait for the right time.
Just like the summer, don’t drink the water, until it is cold enough for your thrust,(Refrigerator)

AdSense Tip#2

While applying for AdSense, Make sure you don’t have any empty page, Categories or posts. If you have fewer posts, Use big featured images on your homepage. Do something so your site doesn’t look empty. That’s how I got approved more than 13 times with fewer posts.
What do you mean by empty Pages, Categories or posts?
Don’t put those categories in any menu if they don’t have any posts.
Most important, Don’t copy paste featured images. If you create them manually, AdSense will easily approve your request.

AdSense Tip#3

Never open Your website In the Same browser in which you have logged in with the same Google Account. If you want to do so, Must use an Adblocker. It will help to keep your account active. The RPM will be low if there is no conversion.
AdSense doesn’t provide layer ads so it is also very strict for Invalid clicks. So if you want to check ads on your site, Simply Download Opera browser, Open Incognito mode and turn On VPN. It is the best way to review your site.

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Jarida WordPress Theme Free Download

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Free WordPress Theme

Free Download Jarida WordPress Theme

Free WordPress Theme

Jarida WordPress Theme

Jarida WordPress theme is a responsive magazine and news Theme for WordPress.

Two Urdu Themes have already been uploaded in this blog . Now are present with the WordPress theme for English websites and blogs.

The theme name is Jarida . Well, this is a premium theme worth $ 60, but you can use it here by downloading it for free.

This theme is responsive and mobile friendly. Its specialty is that its speed is very good. After installing the theme you can check your website’s speed. It has more than a hundred English fonts. In addition, there are many options for customization.
Its page builder is also great. There are many features in this theme.

Hope you’ll like this theme.

Free Download Jarida Theme

Jarida WordPress Theme Features

Very Fast
Neat and Clean
Built in Page builder
Mobile Friendly
Seo and AdSense Friendly
Use for magazine and news sites
100+ Fonts
No malware’s
Unlimited features

How to Install

Login to WordPress dashboard , Go to appearance > themes > Add new and upload the downloaded theme.

Enjoy Free Jarida Theme

7+ profitable Niches/Topics for Blogging to earn money online

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Hot Topics For Blog

7+ profitable Niches/Topics for Blogging to earn money online

You can write on your favorite Topic according to your interest and fulfill your love. If you want to earn money from blogging, you have to take care of people’s choice by putting back your choice.

Hot Topics For Blog

Popular Blog Topics

Many people want to start a blog, but they have difficulty making topics. Most people pay attention to news-based sites, which are more difficult to get desired rankings due to being more competition. Apart from this, there is no traffic if news sites are not updated on daily basis.
Today we will tell you about a few topics on which you can write and make a good name in the blogging world.

1 Health

Writing on a health subject does not work for everyone’s but if you have a little knowledge for the subject. Such as weight loss prescriptions and fitness tips etc. On this topic, you will get a number of ads and different companies can contact you for the promotion of their medicines and products.

2. Making money online

Although the competition is high on this subject but articles on this subject has been written very little in Pakistan. And now gradually awareness is coming to people and they are searching for that. If you can write unique articles on this topic, you can get a lot of success.

3 Travel blogs

This topic is very interesting. Many tourists are coming to Pakistan and they search for places to travel in Pakistan. If you know a little bit about tourism or touring a few areas, then apply this topic. Writing in English on this topic will be better, so more and more people will come to your site.

4 Beauty

Blogging on this subject for women will be better. This topic has been written very little in Pakistan. If the work is done, it will be very successful and different companies will contact you for the promotion of their products.

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5 Forex Trading

Although very few people in Pakistan know about Forex Trading but the number of searches on this topic is enough and you may have traffic possibilities from other countries. If you are skilled in Forex trading, this topic may prove to be profitable for you.

6 Sports

In India and Pakistan most of the people searches on this topic, especially if IPL or PSL is running. If you have an interest in the sports, you can turn your passion into the profit.

7 Product reviews

At the moment, everyone sees Google’s information and reviews before purchasing a mobile phone or anything. If you can create mobile phone specifications, laptop, camera, and other features list, then this topic can be very successful.

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Apart from these topics, Digital marketing, Technology, Software and Affiliate marketing can also be made subjects if you want to get international traffic.

Seo Basics Use Google Amp to rank your Website

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Google will now prefer to rank the fastest mobile sites

Google is going change the quality of ranking for websites exclusively for mobile speed and Amp websites. From July 2018, all web site rankings will be increased which quickly open on mobile.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

As the number of mobile phone users is increasing, all websites should be mobile friendly. Website loading speeds on mobile phones are given special priority by Google. In this context, Facebook has introduced Instant Articles, Apple Company, Apple News and Google’s facility called Google Accelerated Mobile Pages.
Due to these facilities the speed of these websites on mobile phones increased ten times, which had adopted their website to the same system.
From the Facebook Instant Articles , articles of any web site can be read inside Facebook and quickly. Apple News also opens quickly on mobile. AMP is also a link to this regard.

The Google Amp is a Mobile ranking factor

Google ranked up some websites keeping the mobile speed and preferred to amp users. At the time, 70% Amp websites are being added to Google News.
Google recently indexed the fastest websites on mobile with Mobil first system . This time Google has ranked all the quality of the web rankings for mobile phones and has been exclusive for amp websites. From July 2018, all website rankings will be increased which quickly open on mobile. If a slow website has standard and unique content, Google will retain its rankings.
What is Google Amp and how it works ?
Amp stands for ” accelerated Mobile Pages “Usually any website opens on mobile, the website content , pictures , widgets , scripts make it very slow. But after installing Amp only the cache version article will be loaded to google’s servers, so it loads quickly.
Google AMP recognizes that the article opens with a mobile phone when Bolt’s sign appears openly. See the picture for example.
Google Amp Example

How to use Google Amp ?

There is a Google Amp WordPress plugin that can easily be set up on WordPress while other articles can be converted into an Amp via few coding on other websites.
The Amp themes can also be used on the Blogger after a few changes.

Setup Google Amp WordPress plugin

Install Amp plugin it will Automatically convert your articles to Amp version.
Afterwards you can customize your Amp design and theme. You have to put your ads in your Amp version site.
Visit Amp version and check everything is fine then Submit your Amp site to Google.

Validate Amp and Submit To Google Search

First of all go to Amp Validator and your Amp site which should be like this
It will check errors and tell you that you have a Valid Amp version. If it is Valid you can see an option ” Submit to Google ” Click on it. After Some hours Google may index your Amp site. Now you can search your site on Google and See Amp sign in Your articles.


Capitalize the first letter of Your posts in WordPress

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How to add a dro cap to my posts

Capitalize the first letter of Your posts in WordPress

MakenCapital starting Word In WordPress posts Drop cap

How to add a dro cap to my posts

Big first letter of posts

Surely You have seen many posts on that’s first letter was very tall and capital.This Capitalization is called Drop Cap.
Drop Cap makes the articles attractive and impressive. It is a css style and can be used in any website or blog.

If you are looking to Capitalize first words of your posts and articles then you are here in the right place.
It is not a magic and hard job , It is very easy just like to eat a sweet cake.

If you are using WordPress , just you need to Install a plugin and you have done.

Yes there is a free plugin for WordPress called ” Sample Drop Cap

Install Sample Drop Cap

How to use sample Drop Cap

Install and Activate Sample Drop Cap then go to your WordPress settings and Click Sample Drop Cap.
Now you can choose your desired style for your posts. The first option is Normal mode that means the first letter will be Capital then other text and the first capital letter look above the line.
Secondary option is float mode that means the first letter will be capital and will surround three lines below.
Then there is an option for custom mode that you can add your custom style for drop cap.Then You can choose your desired color for your first letter ( Drop Cap )At the last you can tick an option to apply drop cap to every post and page with one click.

Save the changes, check your blog and enjoy.

Happy Blogging

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Free Download Urdu Paper Theme For WordPress

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Free version Urdupaper premium theme

Free Download UrduPaper Theme For WordPress

Download UrduPaper Premium Theme For WordPress free version

Free version Urdupaper premium theme

Urdupaper theme free download

The UrduPaper Theme is very popular theme for Urdu Blogs specially News Sites. This is a responsive Theme with Nastaleeq Font. It has very fast loading speed and very clean User interface.

You can choose your desired color for Homepage , widgets , posts and categories. A breaking news ticker and beautiful slider makes it very nice theme.It comes with Post Views Counter with very beautiful Social Sharing buttons with Font ZoomIn/ZoomOut.  You can add posts rating for your articles.
Here you can Download it absolutely free.

Download Urdupaper Theme For Free

If you can’t download it from here write down your email address in comments , we will send it to you for free.

Urdu Paper Theme Features

  • 16 Different Urdu Fonts With Nastaleeq
  • Custom menu icons
  • Urdu Keyboard
  • Urdu Editor
  • Very easy customizer
  • Seo Friendly
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • User Friendly
  • Demo importer
  • Custom colours
  • Custom HomePage design
  • Beautiful slider
  • Breaking news ticker
  • Custom Post Rating
  • Unlimited Color Schemes
  • Post Views Counter
  • Social Sharing
  • Font ZoomIn/ZoomOut
  • English Font Support

Install UrduPaper Theme

Installing Urdu Paper Theme is very easy , Login to WordPress Go to appearance > themes > Add new Upload Theme and Activate.

Urdu Paper Theme Customization

After installation Go to Appearance > theme settings in UrduPaper Xpanel.

IGo To General Settings add a logo and fevicon , edit layout settings , choose body background And Footer settings.

You can customize Navigation settings there.
Enable or disable News Ticker and choose your desired color for ticker.

Set up Homepage settings
, Post Settings , Typography ,Social Media , Demo Importer etc. You can add or remove widgets in UrduPaper Theme.

Import and Export theme settings for your other blogs

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Urdu Theme For Blogger With Nastaleeq Font

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Blogger Urdu Template

Urdu Theme For Blogger

Free Download Urdu Theme For Blogspot with Nastaleeq Font

Blogger Urdu Template

Free Urdu Font Theme For Blogspot

Blogger is not a good choice for Blogging but still some people who can’t afford WordPress Or Premium blogs , using blogger and publishing stuff , expressing their thoughts because it is totally free.

With blogger you can get AdSense Account to earn money and other free blogs don’t support AdSense. That’s why many people still using blogger.

Today we are talking about Urdu Blogging. There are many Urdu Themes Available For WordPress but There is lack Of Urdu Themes for Blogspot ( Blogger ).

There are many bloggers who write articles for educational purpose not for earning money.
Approximately Urdu Bloggers writing only to aware people about every field of life.Blogger is not beneficial for earning money so Use it only for Educational purpose. If you are looking for earning money , we suggest you to create a WordPress Hosted Blog.

If You are looking for an Urdu Theme ( Template ) for blogspot , We have a very unique theme for you and it is absolutely Free.

This Urdu Theme has Nastaleeq Font but it my not show Nastaleeq in all devices because blogspot is very limited. In order to show Nastaleeq Font in blogger , The user should install ” Pak Urdu Installer ” To their PC Or Laptop.
It has a sidebar , very clean User interface and fast loading speed.

Download Urdu theme For Blogger

How To Install Theme In Blogspot

Log in to blogger , Go to Theme Settings and click on the Backup and restore theme at the top right side.
Backup your existing theme then xtract the Zip file upload the xtracted theme ( XML file ) .

Theme Settings

To replace existing menu go to Edit theme’s option and search the menu items by clicking control + F and replace with your desired menu and links.
You can add or remove gadgets by clicking on layout option in your blogger account.


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Free Download Urdu Theme For WordPress

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Wordpress urdu font theme

Free Download Urdu Theme For WordPress

Free Download Urdu Theme for WordPress with Nastaleeq Font

Wordpress urdu font theme

Download WordPress Urdu template

WordPress is the best choice for blogging and news sites at this time. And many new blogs and websites are coming into existence in Urdu. If you are thinking of making Urdu blog or website and you need Urdu theme, then today we will give you the link to the Hueman Urdu Theme.
Hueman is a free popular theme for WordPress and We have customized Hueman theme for Urdu Blogs.

Hueman Urdu Theme Features

This theme has two side bars and is also a responsive theme. Most importantly it will automatically convert your Urdu articles into a nastaleeq font , Whether on a desktop or mobile phone.

Download Urdu Theme for WordPress

If you are having difficulty downloading, write down your email address at the bottom below, we will send you an email by sending you.
Or contact this email

How to install Hueman Urdu theme

The Hueman WordPress theme is free. Installing it very easy and takes only a few clicks

Login to your WordPress Dashboard Go to Appearance > Themes and click on the “Add New” Upload the Zip file you downloaded and activate it.

Hueman Urdu Theme Settings.

Hueman has specific feature allow you to create any custom design in any pages including colours, font, layout, content And Other Features.

For the theme setting and customization Go to Your WordPress dashboard , Click appearance ,then themes , Customize And use live customizer.

Create a menu , Add widgets and pages on Homepage.
You can create a small menu at top of header too. To change colours , use additional css or add color code to your desired widgets.

If you like this theme please share this article to social media and don’t forget to subscribe this blog to get latest articles via Email.

Thank You

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5 Must have useful Tools for Web developers And Bloggers

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Most Used Tools For Web Development

[starlist]Most Used Tools For Web Development[/starlist]5 Must have Tools For Bloggers

5 Must have Useful Tools that every Blogger should Use

Check Out Five Must have useful tools

If You are a Blogger or Website owner You may use the following things to make Your Website better.

This tool was created by Google to check the website’s loading speed and commands. You can check the web site by putting a link of your website on it. In addition, it also gives you suggestions on improving the speed such as how you can increase the speed or which script are taking more time for your site. If you have more than 80 speed of your site, it means your web site performance is better and there will be a green sign. Yellow sign will appear less than 80 speed that means your speed is normal and red marks below 60, which means your website speed is low according to Google’s standard.

Gtmetrix is another popular speed checking tool. The Tool analyze the Website’s loading time , Page size and requests. It has page speed score and Yslow score and other features.
It also provide suggestions for Optimization.

If you like any theme on a website and want to know its name or want to see which plugins are being used on the website, this tool is best. Just put the link of this website and if the website is on WordPress, all its details will provide which plugins installed on this website. It will show the theme’s link and that theme made the free or premium.[divider]

In order to know about website rankings, large companies use algorithms. Alerts can get details by linking their website to site information. A person or company can provide proof of their website details as well as rating.

Create HD quality images online for your blog with adobe spark.
If you don’t have any image editor , use this online tool to create pictures for any purpose like Facebook Cover Photos, YouTube Thumbnails Or Blog’s Featured Images.

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