How to add a dro cap to my posts

Capitalize the first letter of Your posts in WordPress

MakenCapital starting Word In WordPress posts Drop cap

How to add a dro cap to my posts

Big first letter of posts

Surely You have seen many posts on that’s first letter was very tall and capital.This Capitalization is called Drop Cap.
Drop Cap makes the articles attractive and impressive. It is a css style and can be used in any website or blog.

If you are looking to Capitalize first words of your posts and articles then you are here in the right place.
It is not a magic and hard job , It is very easy just like to eat a sweet cake.

If you are using WordPress , just you need to Install a plugin and you have done.

Yes there is a free plugin for WordPress called ” Sample Drop Cap

Install Sample Drop Cap

How to use sample Drop Cap

Install and Activate Sample Drop Cap then go to your WordPress settings and Click Sample Drop Cap.
Now you can choose your desired style for your posts. The first option is Normal mode that means the first letter will be Capital then other text and the first capital letter look above the line.
Secondary option is float mode that means the first letter will be capital and will surround three lines below.
Then there is an option for custom mode that you can add your custom style for drop cap.Then You can choose your desired color for your first letter ( Drop Cap )At the last you can tick an option to apply drop cap to every post and page with one click.

Save the changes, check your blog and enjoy.

Happy Blogging

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