Online Earning with blogspot

Can I earn money with free blogCan I earn money with a free Blog or Website ?

Many friends say we’ve made a blog, but the problem is that it does not come to be profitable. when we share the link somewhere , some people click on it otherwise there is no traffic and audience.
Requesting a blog link shows that the third party is a hosted blog that makes it free.

Online Earning with blogspot

Can is earn money with free blog

These are blogs that give you a number of diary sites on a subdomain for free. The domain is like this:

Or else, any such of a company and the service of Google that are free. Here you can create a free blog. And in this you can add articles and share your blog with people. It’s a good and free option to see and often link people to their blog when asked. But can these blog services benefit you?

The answer is that if you just want a spaceship on the Internet where you can write something and submit it to a link, these services are definitely good. But if you want a versatile and credible source of income through blog or website, then these blogging services are absolutely useless.

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what is the reason ?

Let’s highlight that big businesses who spend so much money on domains and hosting are they crazy? When a service is available free, what does it mean to spend money on domain and hosting and create a blog or website Separately invest and work on ?

Brand is credible

Yes! Brand is important.If you do not know this , understand.The most important is the name. People do not see what’s being sold. People see how they are being sold.This is the point that we have now ignored due to our traditional beliefs.

When you tell someone about your company or your brand and someone else’s print on your brand, professionalism ends, and the user also facing trouble while opening a website or blog. For example, are you ready to give this link to a standard user for a website or blog:

If you are ready then you need to modify your marketing understanding. Because you do not understand branding. If I was in your place, I could not tell my blog without removing this blog spotlight. Because the importance of branding is more near me. And it can not bear anybody else besides himself.Then ask yourself if I tell you the names of two domain names on my website:

So which name do you remember most of these two domains? Which name will be easier to write in the address bar ? Which name is more easy to tell ? First or second
Let’s leave this decision on you.

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Yes, it is different that if there is nonbusiness activity, free blogging blogs can be created with a base of twenty blogs. But no compromise on business.

The problem of rights on content is also very serious

When you use the free blog like WordPress, Tumblr, Medium or Blogspot or Facebook timeline, you first have to hand over your rights to content that you have created or published there. All these services include their policy that you will not have the rights to on the content that published and the service provider has full authority over it. So, all of your writing, images and other content that you have shared on these services do not remain in the technical language.

All free blog services are inconvenient

Yes! You can not guarantee a single day about all the services that work and whatever you’ve done on your Blogspot or Tumblr or free blog, that same day. Will or not ? Because service owners are entitled to terminate your blog at any time, based on any unexpected policy violations that you will never be able to recover again. So, based on their basis, the business that you think or think about, do not have the foundation for the building, how will the building stand? This is the point that can only ignore a non-business person.

Web site or blog editing options

This is also a serious problem. If you agree with all of the above mentioned things then it is a new turn that will force you to get rid of free blogging. Free blogging services that have the more option to edit is “Blogspot” service.However, it has many limitations that will be discussed further. But the problem is that you can not fully allow the willing to give the website. Understanding what time it will affect, it is a built-in factor to understand the website psychology. And this is not possible until you are completely free in your options. Free blogging services do not leave you free. Consequently, your visitor is far away from being converted to customer.

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Search engine issues

Search engine is the largest god in the world of digital marketing.Marketing without it is very difficult. And often it is not possible at times. Free blog services do not usually contain options that you can customize your blog for search engines.Apply custom tricks.Often times we have to give a separate title for the web site, while searching for the search engines. Meta description that you see in Search Engine Results can not write to your own free blog. Preview of Facebook or Social Media Link , You can not design it easily. If design is done, it is very limited with options.

Apart from this, another problem is that your own top level domain is important that will be like this: etc.

These top level domains are important for search engines.’s or other free blogs are only available in search engines when there is no content related to a topic on a top level domain. Your personal domain provides full data to search engines.In this revard domain registration period, how long has domain is online, and other issues that prove to be a valid domain are all counted. The resulting search engine brings you up due to the validity of your domain and delivering the best content. As a time comes when you start traffic through search engines without having to link your articles and writings. While free blogs are more difficult, because their domains do not have any value, nor would it be as long as they would remain online.


Free blog or free web site is only useful when you want to meet the hobby of creating blogging or websites. But if you want to use it as a revenue or business plan, the free blog or website’s content is absolutely irrelevant and unimportant. Yes, it may be possible that you use another option instead of one option. Use a little cheaper plan for expensive planes. But the second option is that anyone make a website free of charge for you , and the cost of making, domains and hosting, etc., take all the money themselves. No other options.


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