Online Earning With Blog Or site

Blog or website? From whom to earn money

Many friends ask that what is the difference between the blog and the website, and which of them is more beneficial. The benefit is to say whether the money can be made more than the blog or from the site? Which of the two is important and why? It is better to understand both the heath, the structure and the goals before these questions.

Online Earning With Blog Or site

Blog Vs Website

A website contains a combination of existing online web pages. That is the website is a common term that can be a combination of any web pages on any of the domains on the internet. But it has a traditional structure, based on which we consider the blog separately from the website. The overall web site signs are as follows:

1. The website contains a number of server or homepage that opens in different sections or fields of the website.
2. The website does not have a comment box.
3. The date or author name does not appear on the website’s page.
4. The website usually provides basic information about a business or company.
5. There are sections of services, general FAQs, on-line booking, and blog etc..

Remember these things about the blog:

1. Blog posts appear with date and name of the author.
2. The blog is repeatedly updated as the website does not have such an update.
3. The blog commented in the blog that the reader can express his opinion in the comment box.
4. The blog does not usually contain services or business information.

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Also remember that today’s news sites are actually distorted shapes of blog. It’s thousands of times faster than normal blogs. And that’s why it publishes new news every 10 minutes. Name it the third type of news site after website and blog site. It also has a separate name.

Usually there are two types of blogs. The blog will either be on single niche (Topic ) or multiple multi-niche. We do not even find a blog in particular in Urdu language that is written only on one topic. If there are such blogs as well, those who are not equal to being counted.

But the question is, what type of blog you should start is beneficial for you?

It seems to be considered that in the past two years there has been two scenes , not only two but twenty websites and news sites. Many of them, who took a tour from a web site in a short period of time, and some are still trying to find out how the generate revenue through the website.Some of the well-known web sites complaining that these developers are very big.The revenue generated by the website does not seem to be encouraged.And some complain that traffic is but does not know how to generate revenue

Remember that You must have a permanent policy and planning for earning from a website from a blog. It is true that traffic is required to get profits from the website, but the problem is that we have a new website starting in mind that our friend list and follow-up are 25,000 people.We think the line of revenue will cross all limits .Well, it is the misunderstanding that profit can be brought only traffic.

Understand two othings:

If you really want to generate revenue the most important thing is to submit a clearly fixed interest. How will this happen? This will only happen when your topic is fixed. And this work can be done only on blogs . Make a blog , choose any topic on which you can write on a regular basis. Create audiences that read your blog daily by putting its link in address bar of the browser. And of course, the better way to engage people with them is not even found by scientists.

Now the question is whether the five thousand traffic that comes on a non-specified topic website is better or is the traffic of 500 or thousands of people on a fixed topic website?

Of course you will say that the five thousand traffic is better.

But your answer is incorrect. Why?

The real problem is that the blog readers of multiple themes are not sincere and permanent.It is important to note that when a written link from such blog is social media or otherwise shared, a certain number of viewers opens this link in a conscious or indefinitely, but the visitor is in the first thirty seconds closing the page, your website’s bounce rate increases when the website is escalating, resulting in the release, your website’s global reputation will effect.

The first point in Revenue Generation is that any visitor who comes to your site or blog should take some more than a minimum of thirty seconds. This is the basic standard that will tell you the difference between a valuable visitor and a careless visitor. Now if you are handling your website alone, the best way is to fix the Topic and the audition is also set. The result is that your bounce rate will come down very low.

Secondly, writing a blog on the default topic is the easiest and fastest way of getting audience. And this is the strategy that is visible to every marketer in the global market. To provide income to the people they are seeking for themselves. When you create a good name on one topic, then every beginner on the Internet starts approaching you.These referents never get bounces from your site. As a result, the revenue generated by this blog whether you are earning money from advertising, writing a book about this topic, or providing any services or products, people focus on it and buy it based on your name.

The summary is that if you do not have any major staff, you are alone, you will never benefit from writing multiple topics. Blogs with more than one theme can only benefit when you get at least 20,000 daily traffic on your website.
Additionally, select one of the topics. Make it a complete strategy to make money and entertain them on a regular basis. Nobody can stop you to be successful.

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