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7+ profitable Niches/Topics for Blogging to earn money online

You can write on your favorite Topic according to your interest and fulfill your love. If you want to earn money from blogging, you have to take care of people’s choice by putting back your choice.

Hot Topics For Blog

Popular Blog Topics

Many people want to start a blog, but they have difficulty making topics. Most people pay attention to news-based sites, which are more difficult to get desired rankings due to being more competition. Apart from this, there is no traffic if news sites are not updated on daily basis.
Today we will tell you about a few topics on which you can write and make a good name in the blogging world.

1 Health

Writing on a health subject does not work for everyone’s but if you have a little knowledge for the subject. Such as weight loss prescriptions and fitness tips etc. On this topic, you will get a number of ads and different companies can contact you for the promotion of their medicines and products.

2. Making money online

Although the competition is high on this subject but articles on this subject has been written very little in Pakistan. And now gradually awareness is coming to people and they are searching for that. If you can write unique articles on this topic, you can get a lot of success.

3 Travel blogs

This topic is very interesting. Many tourists are coming to Pakistan and they search for places to travel in Pakistan. If you know a little bit about tourism or touring a few areas, then apply this topic. Writing in English on this topic will be better, so more and more people will come to your site.

4 Beauty

Blogging on this subject for women will be better. This topic has been written very little in Pakistan. If the work is done, it will be very successful and different companies will contact you for the promotion of their products.

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5 Forex Trading

Although very few people in Pakistan know about Forex Trading but the number of searches on this topic is enough and you may have traffic possibilities from other countries. If you are skilled in Forex trading, this topic may prove to be profitable for you.

6 Sports

In India and Pakistan most of the people searches on this topic, especially if IPL or PSL is running. If you have an interest in the sports, you can turn your passion into the profit.

7 Product reviews

At the moment, everyone sees Google’s information and reviews before purchasing a mobile phone or anything. If you can create mobile phone specifications, laptop, camera, and other features list, then this topic can be very successful.

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Apart from these topics, Digital marketing, Technology, Software and Affiliate marketing can also be made subjects if you want to get international traffic.

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