Android Mobile Internet With Laptop

4 ways to Share Mobile Internet with Computer

Almost every person knows that how to share Mobile Internet with computer but some people still don’t know.
So we decided to share 4 working methods to share Android Mobile Internet 3g 4g with PC or Laptop.

Method #1 WiFi Tethering

You can turn your mobile into a WiFi hotspot and connect your computer to the WiFi network.
To switch on WiFi tethering , Go to Settings , More Settings (Some phones may show Connection Settings ) , Click on ” Tethering and portable hotspot ” Then turn on WiFi Hotspot. After that you can set up your WiFi Hotspot to change WiFi network name and password or make it an open WiFi network. Make sure that your mobile data connection is turned on. Now Search WiFi networks on your PC , You will see the WiFi network with your Mobile phone’s Name. Connect and enjoy Mobile internet on Computer.

Method #2 USB Tethering

To share Mobile Internet on computer with USB data cable . Connect your mobile with PC via data cable. Go to Mobile Settings then Tethering and portable hotspot and turn on USB Tethering. For USB Tethering you have to enable USB dubbing in your Android mobile’s Developers option.

Method #3 Bluetooth Tethering

The Method is same as mentioned above like WiFi And USB Tethering. Just turn On Bluetooth Tethering and search for Bluetooth Networks in Your PC or Laptop. ( Your PC must support Bluetooth Networks Connectivity ) Connect and Use Mobile Internet On Computer.

Method #4 PDA.Net

Sometimes you may unable to use the above mentioned methods. You can use Software.

Download PDA.Net+ in your Computer

While installing , connect your Mobile with PC via Data cable . Enable USB Dubbing in Mobile. It will automatically install required drivers in PC and Automatically install Android app to your phone.
Now Click on icon in Pc, click on connect now. Click on Allow In your Mobile And Enjoy.

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