How To get Approved AdSense Account 2018

3 Tips to get Google AdSense account approved quickly in 2018

How To get Approved AdSense Account 2018

3 Tips to get Google AdSense

Getting an AdSense account is very easy just like Drinking a glass of water.
You must have some quality articles that must provide a value to users and your site interface should be user friendly.
Must have a Privacy policy and Contact page.
Here are the 3 Tips to get Google AdSense account approved quickly.

AdSense Tip#1

Don’t be eager to get your account approved until you start getting minimum 150 to 200 page views a day. If somehow you got approved and put the ads with low page views You will get the lowest RPM and CPC rate. Later, You will start reading on Google why I am getting a low rate. So, Focus only on your blog and add many contents you can, Wait for the right time.
Just like the summer, don’t drink the water, until it is cold enough for your thrust,(Refrigerator)

AdSense Tip#2

While applying for AdSense, Make sure you don’t have any empty page, Categories or posts. If you have fewer posts, Use big featured images on your homepage. Do something so your site doesn’t look empty. That’s how I got approved more than 13 times with fewer posts.
What do you mean by empty Pages, Categories or posts?
Don’t put those categories in any menu if they don’t have any posts.
Most important, Don’t copy paste featured images. If you create them manually, AdSense will easily approve your request.

AdSense Tip#3

Never open Your website In the Same browser in which you have logged in with the same Google Account. If you want to do so, Must use an Adblocker. It will help to keep your account active. The RPM will be low if there is no conversion.
AdSense doesn’t provide layer ads so it is also very strict for Invalid clicks. So if you want to check ads on your site, Simply Download Opera browser, Open Incognito mode and turn On VPN. It is the best way to review your site.

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